Morning Prayer

Father God I’m so grateful that you know my heart. Others may misunderstand my good intentions, other may judge my words or even my deeds, there are those who will even find fault, or maybe even blame, but God what I know that they don’t understand O God is that you know my heart. You know I’m learning, you know I’m trying, you know that I’m endeavoring, to be all you created me to be. Lord we often wonder why we can’t hear from you doing our trails. But if we can just look back on the times in our lives when were in school when given a test the teacher did not talk, but watch and I believe even now master that’s what you are doing with us. We have to understand it’s only a test. So on today I submit my heart to you. I submit my fears and my worries. I submit my anxieties. O Father as we are your people surrendering ourselves to you this day we will entrust all of who we are into your hands, we need your strength because where would we be without you. But master give us the compassion like Jesus to genuinely love people, to embrace them to share with that we have the love of you, and to be that light, to be joy, and to be loved. Lord I ask now that you would heal us of whatever you need healing, heal us of whatever might separate us from you. Heal our memory, our heat, our emotions, and our spirit, heal our body, and heal our soul. I ask that you would lay your hands gently upon us and heal us through your love. Father I know that there are a lot of things in our character that needs to change, we are imperfect people, but I thank you for transformation. I pray today that our faults would not hinder us regarding marriage, or our children or our jobs. Help us to let go and let you be who you are. God I know you always have a key for every problem and a plan for our tomorrow. But it’s for you Glory God we just want to be hold you as our King, I just want to see your face, Lord, I pray that in this day that we your people can find favor. Thank you for being our refuge and our strength. Thank you that no matter what the circumstances, I can count on you to shelter us to give us strength. Thank you that even if things around us seem to crumble, you always are with us; I thank you for this day in Jesus name Amen.

Minister AJ


2 thoughts on “Morning Prayer

  1. God bless you!
    Please pray for my family. My wife went to live with her uncle due to her her job location. She has grown very distant and won’t communicate with me.I heard that she’s planning on leaving the state with our children. She stopped going to church, and is no longer in the Holy Word. I don’t understand why because we where not having any issues before she went . Blessings !


    1. My brother I’m sorry that you are having to go through this, but think I do know that God will bring you through. I want you to know that there’s a miracle in your room and you just need to put a praise to it. Amen. Somebody put a praise on it prayer
      In the name of Jesus you are the great anointer, you are the one who makes the impossible possible, and although his wife has left, and she is trying to take the children I just believe and I come today to declare this day a fresh anointing for supernatural breakthrough upon his life and that of his wife and their children. Nothing shall be impossible for you, and Father I just believe that whatever we your children ask of you in this day, this week, or even this month it shall come to pass by your word. I pray for the anointing of wealth and prosperity to flow in his life Amen and thank you Jesus.


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