Woman I’m talking to you on this morning, we’ve been through some stuff in our life time, and because of that stuff, we sometime feel that we are not worthy. I know this to be true because I’ve often felt like that myself, but when I realized just how much God Himself love me nothing else matter, you are a woman of worth and God does love you….

Father, I come right now in your name, I come to say thank you for showing me that there was more to me then I even knew. Oh God I come this morning in the name of Jesus, because just like I felt I was nothing, because of my mess, there are some other women right now need you to show up in their life to let them know they are worth more than rubies and diamonds. We need you right now Lord. We need you to remind us as women on a daily that we have a hidden treasure Hidden on the inside of us and we only need search it out. Lord Jesus we hold on to things that you yourself have forgiven us a long time ago, but for whatever reason we just can’t let go, but I’m asking you this morning master that from here on in and for the rest of our lives, and every day of lives that you would show us, tells, that we are worthy of the best that you have for us. Lord, take away all the negative thoughts that we think about our own self, help us to think about those things that you see in us that we are wonderfully made, that we are the apple of your eyes, help us to stop putting our own self down with the words from our own mouth because that’s all we heard from others most of our lives, we are not what others say we are, help us to believe in ourselves, Oh God as I set here this morning and talk with you and listen to what you are telling me, help me now Jesus to spread this word to other women, you are not what you’re momma may have said, you are not what your daddy may have said, you are not what some of the men you been with in your life time, you are not what they say, Father thank you for forgiving us of those things that we thought about our own self, lift us up now master that we can hold our head high, throw our shoulders back, walk with a strive starting right now for greater is He that lives on the inside of us is much greater than the one who rules this world, now master, for every little that is to come help us show them their worth, help us to teach them that greater is on the inside of them. Help us to teach them not to use negative words against themselves. Help us to help them to not to look down on their self. I need you now Father to remove the negative thoughts of any kind from our heads that those thoughts wont’ turn into words that would come out of our mouth and we thank you that you call us worthy. Help us now Father to know our worth each day in Jesus name I pray Amen.. Hallelujah thank you Jesus. Amen.
Minister Adrine Jason


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