Prayer for being in the valley

God I want to thank you for the valley, we don’t like the valley but we are going to thank you any how. I thank you because of our valley we realize that in the valley we have our struggles, in the valley we have sickness, in the valley we deal with financial problems, but Lord, I come by this morning to encourage somebody that the valley didn’t come to stay, but I believe this day Oh God that even in the valley you will bless your people, those who are going through the flood waters they are saying this is my valley, but master, I remember what you told David that you would prepare a table before us and God I just believe right now master that there is a blessing in the valley, and so this morning I speak to your people that are going through their struggles, going through their valley experiences, Lord, I need your people to hold just a little while longer, because everything is going to be alright, because as you did it for David you surely can do it for them, you are preparing a table before them and although the enemy thought he had them you are showing up right on time. So master even though it looks bad, even though it seems there is no way out, we will trust you Father, for you are in control. So this morning master we will rename our valley experiences it will no longer be call the valley of the shadows of death, but this morning Jesus, we are calling our valley by it’s new name Victory, we’re not calling it the valley of sickness, but it’s the valley of healing, we’re not going to call it the valley of lack, but we’re calling it the valley of abundance, we’re not going to call our valley weak, but it’s new name is strength because you are making us strong in the valley, Lord, Jesus, we may be on struggle avenue, but in the valley it just got rename, to Faith Boulevard, because our struggles are over, we are no longer bound, we have been set free, and since I’m in the valley, I’m calling out every demonic spirit, generational curse that has ever attacked us and try to hold your people, because in the valley, you are preparing that table before you people in the present of their enemies. I thank you right now for that anointing that you are pouring a fresh upon this in this I give you all the Glory in this day, it’s in Jesus name I pray Amen.
Minister Adrine Jason


2 thoughts on “Prayer for being in the valley

    1. WOG, I bless God for you and your enthusiasm and your spirit I even think him no more for all of your encouragement to myself it’s people such as yourself that helps me to just be still before God daily and listen to him speak so that I can come back filled up only to empty myself before his people once again listen in order to go from glory to glory on level to level on next blessing to next blessing we have to be able to go through the fire because in that fire is where all of these impurities are going to be removed from us so think it not strange when you come out of the fire and something else happens and send you back in just understand that God is preparing a table before you in the presence of your enemies will be blessed woman of God


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