Spirit of the living God smiled down upon us this morning, Oh, how we need you Jesus, we need you every day, every moment, every second, every hour, father God we want you to us use this day, mold us and fill us with your love. I’m asking you this morning that you would change our hearts Oh, God, change our way of thinking, Lord, here we are this morning humbling ourselves before you today, giving you all that we are. I want to thank you right now master for fulfilling every desire that’s in our hearts. Anything that’s displeasing to you Father move out of us. Now Father, apart from you, we can do nothing. I’m asking you this morning to release your power to bring healing to the sick, comfort those who are mourning this morning. Free the oppressed and depressed people. Help us to be a blessing to help those who are in need, give us wisdom, insight and foresight of the problems that we are facing today. Lord give us eyes that we might see the hurts of your people. Lord, Jesus give us hands to serve without wanting anything in return, Jesus if you would only give us the words to speak to those who are hurting and broken Lord, help us to stand and be bold for you so that we might speak your truth and do so not in fear. And Lord, show comfort to us that we might show comfort to our brothers and sisters. Lord, all that I am and all that I do I pray this morning that it will be a sweet incense that fills your nostrils God. Now Lord, I pray that any stress that lay in my heart would be swallowed up in the reality that you are faithful and still in control. I know that there is nothing I do or say could ever surprise you and I know that you are not surprised by anything or moved by anything that comes my way I just believe that this morning, that you can take the bad stuff and have it work out for my good, I know you can use the unthinkable and turn it into the unstoppable, I know you can take the unbelievable and turn it into facts and that’s what your people are needing you to do now in this election for that’s the kind of God you are. That’s why I praise you, that’s why I’m not going to weary about this election, because I serve an amazing God. Now Father, guide this election in your amazing way. Guide us and lift us up help us to focus on you today. Thank you because if we focus on you we will have peace I thank you spirit of the living God for watching over us through the night and waking us this day a day full of expectations.
Minister Adrine Jason


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