Prayer welcome Holy Spirit

Lord Jesus, I think you for this morning when I was asked to sing welcome Holy Spirit, Lord when I sing that song it opened up my spirit I ask for your forgiveness of my sin knowingly and unknowingly. Welcome Holy Spirit, makes you want to truly let go of your past hurts, it make you want to let go of all your bad habits, I think you for your blood, I think you that you can hold me like no one else can. I thank you for you are my rock; you are the very existence of my being and I just want to thank you that you have sent your Holy Spirit to live in me, to empower me, to sustain me so that I may to0 live a life that’s pleasing to you.  Lord, I pray that you will bless me afresh with your Holy Spirit. Holy Spirit, there are things that I cannot go back and change not even one word of what I have said, are the very things I have done,but if you would welcome me now into your presence I welcome you now into my life and invite your fullness to fall upon me. Please polish my ears to the hearing of your voice and train my eyes and heart to the truth in your word. Lord God I’m asking you if you would guide me in all my ways and convict me of the sin in my life. Please equip me and prepare me to carry out your work Father, God, I don’t mine go ahead and work through me and my life. Please my Father I’m asking you to fill me Lord, God with love for your people and reclaim all areas of my life for you Jesus, because when everybody else was just trying to see the worst in me you kept me covered by your grace and mercy and I just want say to thank you Lord. I give you praise, now and forever, hallowed be thou name thou kingdom come on earth as it is in heaven  Father, I think you for your Son and I think you because now I’m able more than ever before able to open and welcome in the Holy Spirit like never before, thank you in Jesus name Amen.

Ephesians 3:16-19, where Paul prays for the Ephesians for strengthening of their inner man.  The Holy Spirit is the one that accomplishes that strengthening:




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