Oh, most Holy God with want to thank you for yet another school year. Almighty God,I come this morning praying for all teachers, from pre-K , thru college level. I come this morning giving you thanks for these teachers ability to teach, ability to give back, ability to someone achieve their very dreams, and Father I know that starts at a very early age. I come this morning Father with a heart for the teachers, I pray that this school year is very rewarding for them all, that master they will give more of themselves in this school term than the last. I ask you Father that as this school term start that these teachers realize that they are the ones moldings out babies, our grandbabies to move into a realm of possibilities. I just want to say thank you for those teachers remember when they were in school and how they were taught and what they got out of that learning experiences, and that’s the reason why they choose to become teachers to give back that which was given them. I say thank you master for the way these teachers will give of themselves in their classrooms, that they will not be judgmental, criticizing, or demoralizing to any of the students. I thank you right now master for the way they will conduct themselves in this school term and master I would be remiss even I didn’t pray for those teachers that will go in with their own agenda. I know master and this is for both male/female teacher, lord, cover their minds where they don’t look upon their students as sex objects, but as young men /women trying to get a head in life, help these teachers in this year Father to look at their students as their own son’s/daughter’s so that they would not be tempted to have sex with them. Father have these teacher to know that they are there providing a service and instruction for higher learning in this next generation of this land. We thank you for them all right now in the name of Jesus. Now Father, I’m asking you to fill each of them with your strength, so that when any challenges arise they will not grow weary in their well doing. I’m asking you Father that you would touch the mouths of those parents that they would work alongside of those teachers for the betterment of their children. That they would encourage their children teachers, listen to both sides of the story before voice their opinion about that teacher, for those teachers are there to give our children and grandchildren the best possible education they can get. Help those parents to work alongside with the teachers as a united front so that there won’t be any discord or division in this school year. I’m asking you Ohooo God that you would Fill them with your wisdom, so that they may be able to make good judgement when guiding and helping our children and others. Oh God that you would fill them with your peace, so that those teachers stress level will not cause them to become anxious about anything that may come their way weather it’s from the administrative staff are parents. Fill them with your joy, so that when they reach halfway through the school they still will have that same excitement they had on the first day of school, that their passion for what they are teaching is even greater then what they think or are even imagine. Father, please fill every teacher with your understanding as give instruct others and to our children. Now master help each teacher to look upon their students as individuals with potential even I our children that have Autism, ADHD, ADD, and whatever other type of learning disability help them master to see those babies potential every day that they show up to learn. Then Father, please fill each teacher with your patience, help them to keep giving of their time and energy, especially to those who struggle the most, help them to spend a little more time in explaining math, English, history, Geography . Father, please show these teachers how to merciful and discipline Father, help these teachers to depend totally on you, for you are their source of their strength, courage and peace. Now Father, above all, I pray that these teacher have grace and dignity about themselves like never before show them how to serve as ou served, love as you loved this is my prayer in Jesus name Amen….

Minister Adrine Jason


Prayer for grieving parents

Lord, right now these parents are at lost for words, to them it feel as though their whole world has been turned inside out, but at this moment I stretch forth my hands and even though I may not can touch or hung each one individually, I’m asking you to please hold them in your arms, a mother heart is broken, a father’s mind is turning and he’s feeling misplace right now. Help them to take moment by moment, and day by day. For I know that your grace is sufficient in all things. Help these parents to lean on you more that they would tell you all about their grief. I pray you would be their refuge, and that they would feel your presence surrounded about them day and night. Oh, God help these parents process their loss. Help them move forward. Help them to welcome joy into those places of pain. Lord, I pray that they would draw closer to you. For you are their hope through these dark times. Now Lord, I direct them all to the book of Psalms for it’s a good place to find comfort. Psalm 9:9 KJV. The Lord also will be a refuge for the oppressed, a refuge in times of trouble. Psalm 18:2 KJV. The Lord is my rock, and my fortress, and my deliverer; my God, my strength, in whom I will trust; my buckler, and the horn of my salvation, and my high tower. Psalm 34:18a. The Lord is close to those whose hearts are breaking. The Lord your God is with you, he is mighty to save. He will take great delight in you, he will quiet you with his love, he will rejoice over you with singing. Zephaniah 3:17. One day Father, they will meet again, but until that time, I pray that take hope in knowing their loves one are no longer suffering, but heal. There in a land where they will never grow old, there in a place where every day is Sunday, they are in a place where there are swings, yes I believe there is a playground for our little ones. Rest in Heaven, and to my parents earth has no sorrow that Heaven cannot heal, thank you Jesus. It’s in your blessed name I pray Amen.
Minister Adrine Jason

Prayer against demonic spirits

Lord, in this day watch over your people, please help us and deliver us from harm’s way. We are weak but you are mighty, you tell us that we have this treasure in earthen vessels, that the excellency of the power of you are within us. Help us to hold back nothing from thee, nothing in reserve, and nothing which is displeasing to thee or distasteful in Thy sight. I ask you this morning that you would deliver your people from the dark corners of their lives. Forgive us for our past unyieldedness and help us to now lay our all on the altar before you, in Jesus name. Now master there are those generational curse, even some generational spirits from our past, I speak to you now in the mighty name of Jesus, you have no authority over God’s people any more, I send you back to deepest part of hell, I rebuke you right now in the name of Jesus, I stand against all ancestry, relatives, former friends that may have brought about any curses by way of Satan himself. I’m asking you now master that you would put a protection of your hedge around your people. I’m asking you to deliver them from their evil influence, bitterness, from hatred. Now Lord, if there is anyone that has died and moved into the spirit world that is attacking or fighting or hindering your people, I come against those spirits in your name Father. Strengthen them, O Lord, with thy word and the sword of thy spirit that they may be able to fight the enemy. Because I know without a doubt that if we resist the devil he’s got to flee. Hallelujah…. I come this morning standing on the solid rock, rebuking you, Satan, in the mighty name of Jesus, you evil devourer and destroyer.I rebuke you; you are damned back to hell. I rebuke you right now and I command you to depart from God’s people, you can’t have their mind, you can’t steal their joy, I refuse to worry, fret or fear anymore, because I love and I’m trusting you Jesus. You are the power that your people need, you are our strength and your spirit is so much stronger and greater than anything the Devil can throw at us. I’m asking you today master that please a Jesus, deliver us from pride and self-righteousness, help us Lord Jesus, not to be rebellious and stubborn and self-willed, teach us how to bridle our mouths, help us, Lord, to surrender our all to you. You said, whosoever shall fall upon this stone shall be broken. (Mat.21:44). So help us to truly fall upon you this day master, casting our all upon your Jesus, so that you can break and remake us into what you would have be glory to God…Thank you Jesus for these battles which are making us strong, making us wiser. Thank you for the opportunities you have given us to get real close to you, Lord, to get desperate with you and to lean on you when we see that we can’t do it. The battles are greater than we are Lord, but you are greater than they are. Search us, O God, and know our heart: try us and know our thoughts: and see if there be any wicked way in us, and lead us in the way everlasting in Jesus’ name, Amen….

Minister Adrine Jason

Good Night Prayer

Lord, as we come to the end of the day, I ask that you would strengthen our faith to take you at your word. Rise up within each of us that we may boldly declare your truth. Cast out fear, remove all doubts. Block unbelief and cause unwavering trust in your people to be stirred up within us. Father on this night we come with a repentant heart, so that you in this very moment would swoop in and fill us with your healing power, that our brokenness might be healed. Oh, God we thank you now for pouring your favor on us as we seek you with our heart to live for you. I’m asking now for an extra level of protection from the lies and thoughts of self-doubt that the enemy will try to deceive us with even while we sleep but I ask that you would be the defense around our minds, so that when we wake in the morning our minds or refresh and will give you praise. God I know you are bigger, I know that you are able; I know that you are willing and your power is unstoppable. We realize master that you can give us what we cannot give ourselves. O God we thank you for being a big God in our lives I know you are bigger than our marriage problem, you bigger than the problems we have with our children, God I know that you are bigger than cancer, lupus, lymphedema,chronic heart conditions, chronic headaches. Whatever the disease maybe you are bigger God, so tonight Oh, God cover us with the blood of Jesus Amen.

Minister Adrine Jason


It’s in your presence we need to be this day Father, because if we could just get into your presence everything would be alright. It’s in your presence we can lift our hands and give your glory, we thank you master that you are our battle axe in the time of our battles and in time of our storms. I thank you master that you fixed us into your family as if we are birthed directly from you. I realize that we are to be a reflection of you. And so if you would Father in the times where we are weak please Lord provide us with the endowing of your Holy Spirit that we may stand strong and faithful to you. Lord, we know you gifted each of us to work in agreement with our brothers and sisters in Christ. We know that we are given the same gifts. But where we are not bold in speech, let us be bold in our conviction on how we live our lives so that it is not only with words but also by our actions that others will see the Christ through us. Lord, we pray that our lives are an echo of your love. Father I ask that you fill us with your presence. Lord, I’m praying for a Daniel spirit that it would be loosed in each of us. For I know that Daniel was strong in his belief in you. Help us to be faithful in our dedication to you as Daniel was. Provide for us the strength of the Lord and give us the peace that surpasses all understanding. As we study and read Your word,let what we read and study be written on our hearts and engraved in our minds You provide us with and command us to daily put on the whole armor of God. We know this armor will provide us what we need to stand in the battle field and uphold your glory. Bless us, Lord God, throughout this day.Bless our families, our homes, our health, our work, our finances, and our children’s children with all you have planned for us even before our births. May all we do this day bring you honor and glory? We lift our praises to you.Thank you for your love and presence in our lives. Thank you for Your Son, Jesus. Thank you Lord Jesus for the blood you shed and for the love you give us. It is in the power of the Name of Jesus and the presence of the Holy Spirit we come and bare our request. May the binds the enemy has formed over these nations be broken and destroyed. May all that the enemy has stolen I ask you that it would be restored seven fold in the Name of Jesus? May you be blessed for all you do in Jesus name? May he strengthen you and give you peace. Now master I ask that you would allow us to put it all upon the alter today, as I pray I ask that you would gather us under your wings in time of need? May the presence of His angels be about you to guard you and guide you is my prayer in majesty name Amen.
Minister Adrine Jason

Morning prayer

Father we thank you this morning for listening to our words and our hearts, thank you for providing the Holy Spirit and our Savior Jesus as intercessors for us before your throne this morning. Thank you for allowing us in your presence even when our hearts is full of conflict and pain. Thank you for loving us through our brokenness and strife. Most of all, thank you for your promise. O God, ever blessed, who hast given us the night for rest and now the day for labor, teach us, O God, to use all the circumstances of our life today that they may bring forth in us the fruits of holiness rather than the fruits of sin. Every day, we need You, Lord but this day, we need some extra strength to face whatever is to be. This day, more than any day we need to feel you near to fortify our courage and to overcome our fears. By ourselves, we cannot meet the challenge of the hour. But dear Lord, I pray that you would hold on to our hand and be with us today. Pick us up, Lord, when we fall. Master we surrender ourselves to you completely. We come before you today to ask your forgiveness and to seek your direction and guidance. For our nation, we know Your Word says, ‘Woe to those who call evil good,’ but that is exactly what we have done. We have abused power and called it politics. But I come praying for those who are in authority, that you would give them your wisdom and discernment as they lead. We ask that you would appoint strong, faithful men and women to serve this nation and our people. Than master I come asking that you would touch the women of this nation. Oh Lord, I pray that you would strengthen them with power and revelation, Help them to understand your will, I pray that you would make our hands strong and our voices heard. I ask you now Father that you would grant us humility and discernment so that we may fight, not to conquer, but to help those women who don’t have a voice get their voices back that they may be liberated from the silence of violence. I pray for peace on the job I come up against every witchcraft spirit, violent spirit, any jealous spirit, I renounce, break and loose over this women of God all demonic subjection that is trying to hinder her on her job, I declare and decree this day the power of God that worketh in her she has the victory, on her job now, in her home, with her finance. Now master there is a request for a mother who may have had an heart attack, I thank your right now Father that she is being healed by your power by your touch, because you sent your word to heal and I declare and decree her healing right now in the name of Jesus. Here we are this morning Father thanking you for another day. Lord you, know our hearts, and so this morning we come to say thank you for you are the sunrise of this day master, we say thank you; for you are the restorer of our hope, we say thank you, because you are the air that we breathe, and we come to say thank you, I thank you for the covering of your precious blood. You cover our mistakes, and crowned us with your righteousness. Lord, God I understand that there are some things that we are hiding deep down in our hearts that nobody knows but you, but on this morning master we come to bring those issues that are in our heart to you because those issues are keeping us from loving our family, keeping from loving our friends, those issues are keeping from loving our neighbors, Lord, they are even keeping us from loving our enemies, Oh, God they are so rooted that I think we are afraid to let go of because we don’t trust you enough to handle it for us, but here we are this morning Jesus, asking that you would forgive us and teach us how to forgive and love our family, friends, neighbors, and our enemies. Father here we are this morning, with yet more worries on our minds, last week two shooting, and just before going to bed that Thursday night only to hear that there was a shooting in Dallas, but master here we are this morning, asking you Jesus how much more longer will we have to endure, Lord, my son came home and told me what happen to him, how much more Lord, I know Father that we don’t wrestle against flesh and blood, I also know that the end times are coming, I know that if your people would humble themselves and turn from their wicked way you said you would heal our land, now master, help us to understand because in Louisiana, five children has lost their father, in Minnesota a family has loss their son, an uncle, a brother, a boyfriend, in Dallas five officers have been taken from their families, and those that were killed but just attending a protest, now Father these lives are gone, and when I look over in Matthew 22:24 Lord, it’s senseless, our hearts hurts, for all those that have lost their lives, Lord, teach us to love more, teach us to reach out a helping hand more, we can’t do this without, it shouldn’t be about the color of our skin, it should be about the way our young black men dress, it shouldn’t be about how they wear their hair, or how they talk, Lord you are not a God of color, for we all have the same color blood running through our veins. Jesus, we call on you this morning to give you glory, we give you glory because you are the righteous one, thank you for your glory, for keeping us in peace because we should have lost our minds but you kept us, thank you Jesus for your glory, we could have been dead, sleeping in our graves, but you made O death behave. We thank you for your glory because you keep on making a way for us, thank you for your glory, for allowing us to open up our eyes this morning, it’s for your glory I will do anything, it’s for your glory I can give you praise this morning, it’s for your glory, you are healing our sick bodies, free those from sickness and disease in their bodies. Lord, Jesus we are not here this morning because we on this because we have it altogether, but we know a God that can do anything. Teach us this morning, master, to hold on to your word in spite of what it look like, in spite of how it feels, Father teach us to pray in season and out of season, help us to not wait till the trouble come and then we want to call on you, put have us to pray when it’s well with our souls, help us now Father to put the worry of this world back on you, you said in your word said that vengeance is yours, ride on King Jesus, ride on this morning, ride now Father and be the balm in Gillian this day, this morning, this afternoon, tomorrow. Oh, we pray for the truth to come out vindicate your people master, Father you are omnipresence, and you are and omnipotent God, go now Father to Baton Rouge, go to ST. Paul Minnesota, go to Dallas Go to turkey, go to Mexico, go to Florida Lord, in fact cover the entire world as only you can do. I’m asking you this morning master to teach us now that not just black lives matters because they do, but all lives matter, transform our brokenness that we feel now from these past few days, fill us and anoint us to show compassion to our brothers and sisters. Lord, we can’t look for the teachers to do our jobs as parents; we can’t look for the church to raise our children, but one thing I do know that it can all work together for our good. Now Father God we turn it over to you right now, it’s in your hands your will be done in Jesus name I pray Amen.
Minister Adrine Jason

Father Help Your People

Father in heaven we come and bow before you this morning with surrendered hearts, we say thank you for being our God, our Lord, and our Savior. Master here we are grateful just for another and we say thank you for the bountiful blessing that we have in our lives. Thank You for sustaining us through the night hour, you watch over us and kept us. Now master I just want to thank you for this day, I know it may seem like we are waking up unsure of what this day will hold or even bring, but I got to thank you Jesus because I believe this day will hold victory for your people. I thank you right now in the mighty name of Jesus for every way that you are making for us to get from where we are right now to where we need to be. If it wasn’t for your grace and mercy I don’t know Father where we would be. Thank you for doors that are opening up for your people and thank all the more for the doors that were closed. Thank this morning for the all the opportunities that your people have not yet see, but they are on the way. I know Father in like of what has happen in the last two day of this week, some of us are losing hope, some is saying where is God, some don’t care anymore because they now feel this is just the way it’s going to be, but Lord, this morning I want to encourage your people as I encourage my own self. Greater is coming, you see what our people are going through but greater is coming, don’t give up, don’t give in God sees all so I say this morning thank you Jesus for redeeming us. Father we are you vessels, touch now Lord, God the hearts of every politician that’s in office, touch every governor in every city and state, to not close their eyes to what’s going on around them. Lord, touch those in higher authority over the police that they will stop closing their eyes to what’s going on out there in those streets, and that they will step up not to protect and serve the people as they promised, Lord, I’m praying this morning for those good policeman that are out there doing their job the way it’s supposed to be done, I ask that you keep them safe, but that they will be to step up for the right thing, have them to step up now master and lift up their voices, help them to step up now and stop the madness. It’s now or never, bless their homes and their families, while they are out there protecting and serving their communities. Now Father the policemen and even some policewomen, those who feel that, that badge give them the right to not follow protocol I ask that you look upon them this day, change their hearts, renew a right thinking in their minds. Empty them Father from being blindsided by color, but to look at the crime that is being done. I’m asking you now Jesus to teach us to speak life from our mouths and expect a manifestations of your glory in this day, Teach us to pray according to your will, Teach us to pray for our neighbors and for our enemies. Teach us to cover our loved ones in prayer for your protection and not just in times like these, but that we should pray without ceasing in season and out of season. Show us, Father, how to resist the enemy when he blindsides us and to respond in a way that pleases you. Lord, inspire us to become less selfish and more concerned for others. Help us to live a life before others that causes them to want to come into a relationship with you. Father your word is being fulfilled, and so here we are this morning Jesus, asking that you would upon the sterling family, look upon the Castile family I ask that you would comfort them in their time of loss. Lord, forgive us for our wrongdoing and our iniquities. Help us not to focus on the picture of ourselves that the enemy wants us to see, but help us to see ourselves as you see us. Lord Jesus it’s time for restoration cleans us up master all of us, black, yellow, Latino, whites, all ethnic races, Father clean us up, it’s time for all this racism to be over. Now Father I’m praying for every person that comes to this prayer page daily I pray for their homes, their jobs, their peace of mind, their finances, I pray for that husband, for that wife, for those children, and grandchildren, Bless our loved ones and those who you have called us to pray for. Bless those who don’t have a relationship with you. Bless those who are calling on your name. Bless those who are bereaved all over the world and who have lost loved ones. Bless those bound inside prison walls and inside their own minds. Bless those in the nursing homes, hospital beds, and those who are ill at home. Lord, bless right now my Savior for I come to thee this morning in the only way I know how. Bless us each to walk in their purpose so that they will fulfill your plan in the earth. Father, bless those who proclaim your word to never be without. We thank you for all of these blessings and now master I close this prayer by same you are our Shepard and we shall not want. You maketh us to lie down in green pastures and you will be the one to lead us beside the still water because Father our souls need to be restored. I thank you right now that you will lead in the path of righteousness for your name and no matter how we walk through the valley and shadows of death we have your promise that you are going to be our rode and staff that you will comfort us, now lead Father for your name sake in the name that is above all names, Jesus Christ.