Oh, most Holy God with want to thank you for yet another school year. Almighty God,I come this morning praying for all teachers, from pre-K , thru college level. I come this morning giving you thanks for these teachers ability to teach, ability to give back, ability to someone achieve their very dreams, and Father I know that starts at a very early age. I come this morning Father with a heart for the teachers, I pray that this school year is very rewarding for them all, that master they will give more of themselves in this school term than the last. I ask you Father that as this school term start that these teachers realize that they are the ones moldings out babies, our grandbabies to move into a realm of possibilities. I just want to say thank you for those teachers remember when they were in school and how they were taught and what they got out of that learning experiences, and that’s the reason why they choose to become teachers to give back that which was given them. I say thank you master for the way these teachers will give of themselves in their classrooms, that they will not be judgmental, criticizing, or demoralizing to any of the students. I thank you right now master for the way they will conduct themselves in this school term and master I would be remiss even I didn’t pray for those teachers that will go in with their own agenda. I know master and this is for both male/female teacher, lord, cover their minds where they don’t look upon their students as sex objects, but as young men /women trying to get a head in life, help these teachers in this year Father to look at their students as their own son’s/daughter’s so that they would not be tempted to have sex with them. Father have these teacher to know that they are there providing a service and instruction for higher learning in this next generation of this land. We thank you for them all right now in the name of Jesus. Now Father, I’m asking you to fill each of them with your strength, so that when any challenges arise they will not grow weary in their well doing. I’m asking you Father that you would touch the mouths of those parents that they would work alongside of those teachers for the betterment of their children. That they would encourage their children teachers, listen to both sides of the story before voice their opinion about that teacher, for those teachers are there to give our children and grandchildren the best possible education they can get. Help those parents to work alongside with the teachers as a united front so that there won’t be any discord or division in this school year. I’m asking you Ohooo God that you would Fill them with your wisdom, so that they may be able to make good judgement when guiding and helping our children and others. Oh God that you would fill them with your peace, so that those teachers stress level will not cause them to become anxious about anything that may come their way weather it’s from the administrative staff are parents. Fill them with your joy, so that when they reach halfway through the school they still will have that same excitement they had on the first day of school, that their passion for what they are teaching is even greater then what they think or are even imagine. Father, please fill every teacher with your understanding as give instruct others and to our children. Now master help each teacher to look upon their students as individuals with potential even I our children that have Autism, ADHD, ADD, and whatever other type of learning disability help them master to see those babies potential every day that they show up to learn. Then Father, please fill each teacher with your patience, help them to keep giving of their time and energy, especially to those who struggle the most, help them to spend a little more time in explaining math, English, history, Geography . Father, please show these teachers how to merciful and discipline Father, help these teachers to depend totally on you, for you are their source of their strength, courage and peace. Now Father, above all, I pray that these teacher have grace and dignity about themselves like never before show them how to serve as ou served, love as you loved this is my prayer in Jesus name Amen….

Minister Adrine Jason


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