Lord Jesus, I’m here this morning Father asking for a better school for 2016-2017 than the one we had in 2015-2016 I ask that you would crown our children’s head with your glory, cover them with your blood, guide their very footsteps, guide their mouths, open their ears, direct their path. I pray master that you would allow them to experience the joy of this school year like none other. Allow them oh God to experience your presence each and every day from the time they step on to the school bus to the moment they arrive at school, I ask this Father of our little pre- k’s on up the our college level students. My prayer Father for those children that don’t know you that the children that do know you will share something about you and your goodness to them, that they would find themselves being friendly, I pray that you would open their eyes to the things that are new in this school, that they would be respectful to their teachers, I thank you Father for the opportunities that our children will have in this school year. I thank you for greater is You who are in them is far greater than the enemy, the Devil, Oh How I bless y0ou Lord, God for what’s about to take place in this school year for my grandchildren. I thank you for your hedge of protection around them, I thank you for the blood that will keep them, Father I pray for every child that in this school year they will choose their friends wisely, open their hearts and mind to the newness and freshness of moving onward into a new grade I pray for this years for my grandchildren as they enter 1st grade, 2nd grade, 4th grade, 6th grade, 8th grade, and even 11th grade I plead your anointing power over them that Father they won’t know what fear is because you have not given them a spirit of fear but of a sound mind, I thank you master that everything their hands touch in this school year shall prosper, I declare and decree that no weapon for them will proper, I declare and decree, that they are the head and the tail, they are above only and never beneath, I declare your righteousness upon their heads, I declare that they will supersede every expectation that their parents and teachers have for them in this school year. I thank you Father that everything thing their hands touches they will supersede at such as sports, and arts, open their minds now Father, and let them know that all they do in school that they are still severing you. Have them all be respectful to their teachers. I ask you now master to give each child a generous spirit to be enthusiastic with my studies and courage to accept new opportunities that’s not just my grandchildren but all children, help them all to be attentive to everything their teachers are teaching. Now master order their steps be their provider, provider of clothes, provider of shoes, provider of their health, provider of their food in their homes and at school, in fact Lord, God this when it comes down to testing they will all knock it out the park. Oh, I bless you Father for How you are going to show up and show out in this school, year, and no Father we want stop trying to get prayer back in school, we will make the Devil a liar, the jail will not be built for our black boy, who don’t have any understand of math, because you are giving each of our black young males the ability to think and learn and comprehend math, they will learn they will not be defeated, and that not only goes for our young black males, but our black females as well, no weapon formed against them shall prosper. Lord send you latter rain upon our black children, our white children, all ethnic races and background. Lord, you will show yourself worthy in this school, now master I declare and decree its done send your latter rain, let fall, that latter rain is your Glory send now Jesus is my prayer Amen.
Minister Adrine Jason


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