Father as parents and even grandparents we don’t always get it right, but I come this morning before your throne for all parents and grandparents, to give thanks for every things that is boatful, we give you praise, O God, for everything that is lovely, for everything which holds promise and brings us joy and that joy is our children, we may not get it right, but I’m grateful master that you are the one that oversees our every effort, our every move, so now Jesus as we prepare for this school year, I ask you right now Father, that you have us be better parents, attentive parents, active parents, encouraging parents, respectful parents, parents that want to just put all the burden on the teachers but be just as active and involved as we can. I’m you now Father that you would bless us as parents and grandparents as we start out this new school year, that the teachers our children get we will work closely with them in order to help them help our children and meet the needs our children more effectively. That we as parents will set a side time each day to set and help our children with their homework, their reading, their math, and any projects they may have, help us Oh God to make the most of every chance we have to start afresh in this school year. May we show respect to our children’s teachers, and love to our children at all times. I thank you now master for another chance to show myself as a grandparent to get more involved in this school year, remind us as parents and grandparents that you have given us chance after chance to get it right this new school year, let us become more involved in the school activities then pervious years gone by. Help us as parents and grandparents to listen when we should listen and speak when we should speak but to know when we should speak and do it in the best way we know how using words when we speak. Show Oh, God how to be patient with ourselves, with our children and with their teachers. I’m asking you master breath down upon our children schools, I’m asking you to bless our school and keep them safe. Lord we give you thanks and glory for all you are going to do in this school years. This school year will be different, this school year will be fun, this school year we give you glory for it right now in Jesus name Amen.
Minister Adrine Jason


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