Good Night Prayer

Lord, as we come to the end of the day, I ask that you would strengthen our faith to take you at your word. Rise up within each of us that we may boldly declare your truth. Cast out fear, remove all doubts. Block unbelief and cause unwavering trust in your people to be stirred up within us. Father on this night we come with a repentant heart, so that you in this very moment would swoop in and fill us with your healing power, that our brokenness might be healed. Oh, God we thank you now for pouring your favor on us as we seek you with our heart to live for you. I’m asking now for an extra level of protection from the lies and thoughts of self-doubt that the enemy will try to deceive us with even while we sleep but I ask that you would be the defense around our minds, so that when we wake in the morning our minds or refresh and will give you praise. God I know you are bigger, I know that you are able; I know that you are willing and your power is unstoppable. We realize master that you can give us what we cannot give ourselves. O God we thank you for being a big God in our lives I know you are bigger than our marriage problem, you bigger than the problems we have with our children, God I know that you are bigger than cancer, lupus, lymphedema,chronic heart conditions, chronic headaches. Whatever the disease maybe you are bigger God, so tonight Oh, God cover us with the blood of Jesus Amen.

Minister Adrine Jason


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