It’s in your presence we need to be this day Father, because if we could just get into your presence everything would be alright. It’s in your presence we can lift our hands and give your glory, we thank you master that you are our battle axe in the time of our battles and in time of our storms. I thank you master that you fixed us into your family as if we are birthed directly from you. I realize that we are to be a reflection of you. And so if you would Father in the times where we are weak please Lord provide us with the endowing of your Holy Spirit that we may stand strong and faithful to you. Lord, we know you gifted each of us to work in agreement with our brothers and sisters in Christ. We know that we are given the same gifts. But where we are not bold in speech, let us be bold in our conviction on how we live our lives so that it is not only with words but also by our actions that others will see the Christ through us. Lord, we pray that our lives are an echo of your love. Father I ask that you fill us with your presence. Lord, I’m praying for a Daniel spirit that it would be loosed in each of us. For I know that Daniel was strong in his belief in you. Help us to be faithful in our dedication to you as Daniel was. Provide for us the strength of the Lord and give us the peace that surpasses all understanding. As we study and read Your word,let what we read and study be written on our hearts and engraved in our minds You provide us with and command us to daily put on the whole armor of God. We know this armor will provide us what we need to stand in the battle field and uphold your glory. Bless us, Lord God, throughout this day.Bless our families, our homes, our health, our work, our finances, and our children’s children with all you have planned for us even before our births. May all we do this day bring you honor and glory? We lift our praises to you.Thank you for your love and presence in our lives. Thank you for Your Son, Jesus. Thank you Lord Jesus for the blood you shed and for the love you give us. It is in the power of the Name of Jesus and the presence of the Holy Spirit we come and bare our request. May the binds the enemy has formed over these nations be broken and destroyed. May all that the enemy has stolen I ask you that it would be restored seven fold in the Name of Jesus? May you be blessed for all you do in Jesus name? May he strengthen you and give you peace. Now master I ask that you would allow us to put it all upon the alter today, as I pray I ask that you would gather us under your wings in time of need? May the presence of His angels be about you to guard you and guide you is my prayer in majesty name Amen.
Minister Adrine Jason


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