Morning prayer

Father we thank you this morning for listening to our words and our hearts, thank you for providing the Holy Spirit and our Savior Jesus as intercessors for us before your throne this morning. Thank you for allowing us in your presence even when our hearts is full of conflict and pain. Thank you for loving us through our brokenness and strife. Most of all, thank you for your promise. O God, ever blessed, who hast given us the night for rest and now the day for labor, teach us, O God, to use all the circumstances of our life today that they may bring forth in us the fruits of holiness rather than the fruits of sin. Every day, we need You, Lord but this day, we need some extra strength to face whatever is to be. This day, more than any day we need to feel you near to fortify our courage and to overcome our fears. By ourselves, we cannot meet the challenge of the hour. But dear Lord, I pray that you would hold on to our hand and be with us today. Pick us up, Lord, when we fall. Master we surrender ourselves to you completely. We come before you today to ask your forgiveness and to seek your direction and guidance. For our nation, we know Your Word says, ‘Woe to those who call evil good,’ but that is exactly what we have done. We have abused power and called it politics. But I come praying for those who are in authority, that you would give them your wisdom and discernment as they lead. We ask that you would appoint strong, faithful men and women to serve this nation and our people. Than master I come asking that you would touch the women of this nation. Oh Lord, I pray that you would strengthen them with power and revelation, Help them to understand your will, I pray that you would make our hands strong and our voices heard. I ask you now Father that you would grant us humility and discernment so that we may fight, not to conquer, but to help those women who don’t have a voice get their voices back that they may be liberated from the silence of violence. I pray for peace on the job I come up against every witchcraft spirit, violent spirit, any jealous spirit, I renounce, break and loose over this women of God all demonic subjection that is trying to hinder her on her job, I declare and decree this day the power of God that worketh in her she has the victory, on her job now, in her home, with her finance. Now master there is a request for a mother who may have had an heart attack, I thank your right now Father that she is being healed by your power by your touch, because you sent your word to heal and I declare and decree her healing right now in the name of Jesus. Here we are this morning Father thanking you for another day. Lord you, know our hearts, and so this morning we come to say thank you for you are the sunrise of this day master, we say thank you; for you are the restorer of our hope, we say thank you, because you are the air that we breathe, and we come to say thank you, I thank you for the covering of your precious blood. You cover our mistakes, and crowned us with your righteousness. Lord, God I understand that there are some things that we are hiding deep down in our hearts that nobody knows but you, but on this morning master we come to bring those issues that are in our heart to you because those issues are keeping us from loving our family, keeping from loving our friends, those issues are keeping from loving our neighbors, Lord, they are even keeping us from loving our enemies, Oh, God they are so rooted that I think we are afraid to let go of because we don’t trust you enough to handle it for us, but here we are this morning Jesus, asking that you would forgive us and teach us how to forgive and love our family, friends, neighbors, and our enemies. Father here we are this morning, with yet more worries on our minds, last week two shooting, and just before going to bed that Thursday night only to hear that there was a shooting in Dallas, but master here we are this morning, asking you Jesus how much more longer will we have to endure, Lord, my son came home and told me what happen to him, how much more Lord, I know Father that we don’t wrestle against flesh and blood, I also know that the end times are coming, I know that if your people would humble themselves and turn from their wicked way you said you would heal our land, now master, help us to understand because in Louisiana, five children has lost their father, in Minnesota a family has loss their son, an uncle, a brother, a boyfriend, in Dallas five officers have been taken from their families, and those that were killed but just attending a protest, now Father these lives are gone, and when I look over in Matthew 22:24 Lord, it’s senseless, our hearts hurts, for all those that have lost their lives, Lord, teach us to love more, teach us to reach out a helping hand more, we can’t do this without, it shouldn’t be about the color of our skin, it should be about the way our young black men dress, it shouldn’t be about how they wear their hair, or how they talk, Lord you are not a God of color, for we all have the same color blood running through our veins. Jesus, we call on you this morning to give you glory, we give you glory because you are the righteous one, thank you for your glory, for keeping us in peace because we should have lost our minds but you kept us, thank you Jesus for your glory, we could have been dead, sleeping in our graves, but you made O death behave. We thank you for your glory because you keep on making a way for us, thank you for your glory, for allowing us to open up our eyes this morning, it’s for your glory I will do anything, it’s for your glory I can give you praise this morning, it’s for your glory, you are healing our sick bodies, free those from sickness and disease in their bodies. Lord, Jesus we are not here this morning because we on this because we have it altogether, but we know a God that can do anything. Teach us this morning, master, to hold on to your word in spite of what it look like, in spite of how it feels, Father teach us to pray in season and out of season, help us to not wait till the trouble come and then we want to call on you, put have us to pray when it’s well with our souls, help us now Father to put the worry of this world back on you, you said in your word said that vengeance is yours, ride on King Jesus, ride on this morning, ride now Father and be the balm in Gillian this day, this morning, this afternoon, tomorrow. Oh, we pray for the truth to come out vindicate your people master, Father you are omnipresence, and you are and omnipotent God, go now Father to Baton Rouge, go to ST. Paul Minnesota, go to Dallas Go to turkey, go to Mexico, go to Florida Lord, in fact cover the entire world as only you can do. I’m asking you this morning master to teach us now that not just black lives matters because they do, but all lives matter, transform our brokenness that we feel now from these past few days, fill us and anoint us to show compassion to our brothers and sisters. Lord, we can’t look for the teachers to do our jobs as parents; we can’t look for the church to raise our children, but one thing I do know that it can all work together for our good. Now Father God we turn it over to you right now, it’s in your hands your will be done in Jesus name I pray Amen.
Minister Adrine Jason


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