Father Help Your People

Father in heaven we come and bow before you this morning with surrendered hearts, we say thank you for being our God, our Lord, and our Savior. Master here we are grateful just for another and we say thank you for the bountiful blessing that we have in our lives. Thank You for sustaining us through the night hour, you watch over us and kept us. Now master I just want to thank you for this day, I know it may seem like we are waking up unsure of what this day will hold or even bring, but I got to thank you Jesus because I believe this day will hold victory for your people. I thank you right now in the mighty name of Jesus for every way that you are making for us to get from where we are right now to where we need to be. If it wasn’t for your grace and mercy I don’t know Father where we would be. Thank you for doors that are opening up for your people and thank all the more for the doors that were closed. Thank this morning for the all the opportunities that your people have not yet see, but they are on the way. I know Father in like of what has happen in the last two day of this week, some of us are losing hope, some is saying where is God, some don’t care anymore because they now feel this is just the way it’s going to be, but Lord, this morning I want to encourage your people as I encourage my own self. Greater is coming, you see what our people are going through but greater is coming, don’t give up, don’t give in God sees all so I say this morning thank you Jesus for redeeming us. Father we are you vessels, touch now Lord, God the hearts of every politician that’s in office, touch every governor in every city and state, to not close their eyes to what’s going on around them. Lord, touch those in higher authority over the police that they will stop closing their eyes to what’s going on out there in those streets, and that they will step up not to protect and serve the people as they promised, Lord, I’m praying this morning for those good policeman that are out there doing their job the way it’s supposed to be done, I ask that you keep them safe, but that they will be to step up for the right thing, have them to step up now master and lift up their voices, help them to step up now and stop the madness. It’s now or never, bless their homes and their families, while they are out there protecting and serving their communities. Now Father the policemen and even some policewomen, those who feel that, that badge give them the right to not follow protocol I ask that you look upon them this day, change their hearts, renew a right thinking in their minds. Empty them Father from being blindsided by color, but to look at the crime that is being done. I’m asking you now Jesus to teach us to speak life from our mouths and expect a manifestations of your glory in this day, Teach us to pray according to your will, Teach us to pray for our neighbors and for our enemies. Teach us to cover our loved ones in prayer for your protection and not just in times like these, but that we should pray without ceasing in season and out of season. Show us, Father, how to resist the enemy when he blindsides us and to respond in a way that pleases you. Lord, inspire us to become less selfish and more concerned for others. Help us to live a life before others that causes them to want to come into a relationship with you. Father your word is being fulfilled, and so here we are this morning Jesus, asking that you would upon the sterling family, look upon the Castile family I ask that you would comfort them in their time of loss. Lord, forgive us for our wrongdoing and our iniquities. Help us not to focus on the picture of ourselves that the enemy wants us to see, but help us to see ourselves as you see us. Lord Jesus it’s time for restoration cleans us up master all of us, black, yellow, Latino, whites, all ethnic races, Father clean us up, it’s time for all this racism to be over. Now Father I’m praying for every person that comes to this prayer page daily I pray for their homes, their jobs, their peace of mind, their finances, I pray for that husband, for that wife, for those children, and grandchildren, Bless our loved ones and those who you have called us to pray for. Bless those who don’t have a relationship with you. Bless those who are calling on your name. Bless those who are bereaved all over the world and who have lost loved ones. Bless those bound inside prison walls and inside their own minds. Bless those in the nursing homes, hospital beds, and those who are ill at home. Lord, bless right now my Savior for I come to thee this morning in the only way I know how. Bless us each to walk in their purpose so that they will fulfill your plan in the earth. Father, bless those who proclaim your word to never be without. We thank you for all of these blessings and now master I close this prayer by same you are our Shepard and we shall not want. You maketh us to lie down in green pastures and you will be the one to lead us beside the still water because Father our souls need to be restored. I thank you right now that you will lead in the path of righteousness for your name and no matter how we walk through the valley and shadows of death we have your promise that you are going to be our rode and staff that you will comfort us, now lead Father for your name sake in the name that is above all names, Jesus Christ.


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