Afternoon Prayer

Father, I want to continually give my unrestrained praise. I thank you that today I’m alive and well to do your will. I’m praise you for there is no one greater than you. I praise you your name because you know every hair upon my head. I worship you because you have counted me and mine as your own, Hallelujah. Though Satan has attempted to destroy my body, you turned around and healed me; you have protected me and my children and now grandchildren. I praise you because you have delivered me from the grasp of the enemy hands. I bless you because your promises are ever with me. And your presence is above all of us, but more importantly your love is beneath me, and on all sides of me. I affirm that there is no circumstance that I must endure alone; by your grace I want to give thanks in all things. I pray for my children and I ask that you will help them to know how to motivate themselves to join me in giving you praise. Let us together believe that praise not only glorifies you, it strengthens our faith, our family and affirms that you are in charge of the wider universe not just our small world. Help us to remember to give thanks in all things and offer prayers of adoration throughout this day and worship you for all of the things you are doing in our lives.In Jesus name, Amen.

Minister Adrine Jason


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