Morning Awesom prayer You are all that God

Lord on this morning I call you awesome, for you name is awesome, Oh God I call you faithful and I just got to thank you for being faithful, Lord, I found that you are my healer, and I got to thank you for the healing that you are doing in your people body. Father somebody found out this day that you are their savior but for me you are my all that thank you for being all that to me. Father this is my prayer today that Lord, you would surround us with your glory, we thank you for the blessings that you have given us. Help us to honor you in every part of our lives. We place this request at your throne. Please hear and reply according to your perfect will and timing. Grant us the peace to know that you are in control. Father I stretch my hands to thee no other help I know if thy will with draw thyself from us where on other’s shall we go I will lift mine eye’s unto the hills where all of my help comes from father I just want to thank you for everything that you have brought us threw and also I give thanks for all that you have done for me, my family and my friends. Father thank you for meeting the need that me and so many others, thank you father for brand new mercies today thank you for life good health and strength thank you for food ,clothing, and shelter, thank you for Jesus the angels thank you for your provision you knew what was best for us Oh God I still believe you for all the prayer’s that are bring sent up unto you on behalf of everyone that I have received a prayer request from, Oh God I thank you right now in advance for the manifestation of your glory through all of those request and we thank for the answered prayers I believe that the world will one day be united I believe that the saints of God will be out into the highways and hedges preaching and teaching the gospel of Jesus Christ I believe that the blind will receive their sight I believe that the lame will walk and the dumb will talk I believe that the gospel will go all over this world touching and delivering those who are captive I pray now for those incarcerated in prison’s and the jail’s ,for a change to take place in their heart’s that they will begin to serve you God with their whole heart’s and for those that have been locked up for a long time that they will one day be granted freedom I pray for those that are sick that they will be healed I pray for those that serve in the armed forces and for their families I pray safety and protection I pray for those that are risking their life on the battle grounds in war for peace that they will begin to seek your face God like never before father you are awesome, you are worthy to be praised I will forever remember to lift your name up high for all the wonderful and awesome things you have done in the lives of many father you deserve the adoration and glory in the name of Jesus, Lord Jesus I love you just for who you are, you are all that, my deliverer, our peace, our joy, you are our everything, our wheel in the middle of the wheel, you are our Shepard in the valley, you are the one the prepares the table before us in front of our enemies. Oh God I just got to thank you just for who you are I pray in the mighty name of Jesus Amen.

Minister Adrine Jason


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