Thank you Father for a new day in you, a new day in your presence, a new day to experience your love, your peace, your protection. Father we thank you for today for this is the day that you have made and we will rejoice and be glad in it. We thank you for your peace, for your power, for your goodness and for your grace. We thank you for loving us even when we didn’t love ourselves you still loved us. Father we thank you for being true to your word. For allowing your word to be real in our lives,Father we love you today. We ask you to go before us in this day, for you said in your word that you would go before us and make our crooked places straight. Father we ask that your angels of protection surround us, For you said in your word that you have given your angels charge over us to protect us wherever we may go.Father we ask that you give us wisdom. Wisdom to discern what is right and wrong for our lives, Wisdom to not only discern your word but the power to do what your word says in our lives.Father we lift up the people around us and we ask for better.That they live better,that they hear better, that they feel better. Father no matter where they are in life we ask that you give them better.Father we love you today, we trust your word, we thank you Father for everything you are doing. Now Father we step into this day with sincere expectation. For your word says that eyes have not seen nor ears heard neither has entered into the hearts of man the things that you have prepared for those who love you.Father there is power when we step into your purpose. Father let us take the step of faith. Let us step into your purpose today. Let your power refresh us and restore us. Father we thank you for the opportunity to begin again for so many did not have that chance but you saw fit to allow us another chance to get it right. Father today marks a new beginning where we begin again in you. Help us Father to fulfill your expectations for our lives. We love you Father it is in Jesus name I do pray Amen.

Minister Adrine Jason


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