Prayer for Flood Victims

I thank you Father that we don’t have to worry because God you are never blind to our tears, you are never deaf to our pain, you are never deaf to our prayers, I know that you see where your people are this morning I know that you know there fears and you see them to, I know that you hear out cry Father as I call upon you this morning please come on and see about your children. On this morning master I do ask that you would send your fresh anointing upon your people cover them from their heads to their feet. O God I’m asking that you would now be that fence all around them cover them from the left to the right, from the back to the front. I pray that there will be an out pouring of your blessing for these your people. Father I call now upon you on this morning that you would show compassion toward your people, O God you are the source of all our comfort, I’m come praying for those people whose lives were devastated by the rain and flooding. As I set here this morning and look around my surroundings I thank you master that it’s not as bad as others that were hit the hardest,I pray now for comfort, I pray for those that lost all they had. Lives were loss I pray for their families, I’m asking you now for strength for the weak, and because of the flood waters I pray that no disease from the waters would come nigh unto any of your people. Father I think for those who were out there helping in the rescue on yesterday and even today, for there are people still getting stranded from the flood waters, I pray for those that lost all the food, and the clothing they had and all of the necessities for their children. I thank you for the people that responded with food, water and even some clothing, I thank you for those that went out on school buses to help bring some of those people to safety, have mercy now Father upon us your children. Father God as we call on you this morning for your people I know there are those that are weary and scared yes there are those who are even upset, don’t understand why this keep happen to them, some nowhere to go for shelters have been filling up Lord, Jesus and the elderly need help too. Father we need you to step in like never before master, we can’t do this on our own, Lord, God show mercy unto your people, provide with your blessings, help us to show love as you have shown us some many times before. I’m asking that you give peace where there seems to be none at this time. Provide protection Father, I realize God that you are in control, even in the storm, even in the flood waters. I believe what the word says in Psalms 91:11 for he will order his angels to protect you wherever you go. So I ask you now master for your peace in the mist of our storm. I ask for your strength to stand strong, knowing that with you, we will walk through every adversity of our lives in Jesus name Amen.

Minister AJ


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