Afternoon Prayer

Father, I come this afternoon,that we come to learn that the power of our words can build a life or tear a life apart with our words. Father, I ask that you send your spirit of acceptance and unconditional love to your children. Not that we only receive it but are able to provide it to other as well. Lord, I ask that you heal the broken; we worship and praise you for all that you are to us. I love you, Lord and I love who you are in my life. I pray that the words that I speak to your people, though they may feel to be harsh at times but necessary and spoken in love, brings forth the best fruit, bring forth growth, brings forth change and brings forth a love of the truth and trust in you. I pray that the words of my mouth are acceptable in you sight. I pray that my light does shine, even in my moment of lack, in my moments of not knowing what to say or how to say it, that I am not nonverbally or verbally speaking anything other than life to your people. I thank you for your word that we may utilize it as a tool of understanding for our life. I thank you for the personal walk we are having together that others may come to know you as I do. Father, I ask that you perform a physical healing of our bodies, minds and spirits. Lord, touch every doctor, nurse and medical professional that our care is entrusted to daily. Now Lord, heal our body, mind and spirit for your sake, for your Glory and your will. That we may live to bring you glory through our life and our children’s lives. Lord, bless our family as they encompass around us. I have seen people that felt in their minds that they had nothing to live that were perfectly healthy and in a matter of blinking an eye, death came upon them because they gave up. But right here right now I spirit to the spirit of depression,I speak to every demonic spirit you have no control over Gods people. I empower you now with the knowledge that you can truly will/think life or death into existence in your own lives. I pray that your thoughts are thoughts of living this life according to God’s will and destiny for you. The Bible teaches us in several scriptures that if we keep our mind stayed on God; He’ll keep us in perfect peace. Thank God,if you have no worries or complain because you are focused on Him and Kingdom building. Seek after the Lord daily and stand on His word that you will receive the desires of your hearts and what He has promised you. Thank God, for first giving you the thought, placing it in your mind and allowing you the ability and talents to follow thought to do His will. Thank God for giving you purpose of a positive mind on a straight path. Know that if you purpose something in your mind, positive or negative, you are no longer operating in God’s will for you; therefore you will manifest the thought in the manner in which you are thinking. If you think you are a failure,guess what nine times out of ten you will be. Because that is not the will of God for us to think ourselves as failures. He desires our mind, hearts and bodies to be planted in Him as a deep rooted tree that’s planted by the river of waters. We are God’s people and we love you Lord God in Jesus name I pray Amen.

Minister AJ


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