Lord God somebody on this morning is worrying about their job, they are nervous and there has been lately all kind of talk about job cuts once again, daddy it may just be gossip, because we love to start rumors about this we really have no knowledge of, and it may be true and they will need to start looking for a new job, but you are God and God along and the same God you were for them on this job you will be with them in their search for a new and better job. I better than anybody know that change is always hard, but it’s even harder when it’ unwelcome. It makes you feel frightened and yes God out of control. It even brings about doubt and make you even question your faith, and that comes with a whole lot of questions being asked. Like Lord what am I going to do now, how will I take care of my family now, where am I going to find another job and I’m not even qualified for I only know this. But I’ve learned that you are the God that speaks peace to our troubled souls. When we are frightened, you are the one who says, fear not for I’m with you. You know about our future, you already know what job that has been lined up for us. You work even if tomorrow brings changes. You are the one that put people in positions and somehow people think they do it themselves. You are the one that positions and remove according to what is best for us. You are the one that opens doors of Opportunities that man can’t say no to. I just believe that no matter what happens today, tomorrow are next week you are in control. So God for those who are looking at losing their jobs or have lost their jobs we will still trust you for you are a great God who we can trust to meet all our needs no matter what that need might be or house, food, clothing, transportation, our finances our marriages, our children, our peace our joy, whatever it may be you got it all in control and we thank you master and we ask it all in your name Amen.

Minister AJ


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