Prayer for family, new job, and new home

Father we thank this evening for being our provider, I come now on behalf of my sister because she is seeking new employment, I ask that you give her patience, wisdom and opportunity provide the job for her quickly and strengthen her faith, move her resumes up and place them in the very hands that make the decision, Father it might even be a job that she may think she don’t qualify for, but because you are the qualifier I call it done now in the name of Jesus. Now Lord, God she’s in search for a new home, so what we will do right now we just what to thank you for this new home. We are excited about this house, we believe that she has favor already from you, I thank you for putting the right realtor in position, I thank you for putting together the right financing for this home, we even thank you right Jesus that you have already lead her to the home of her dreams. We give you honor and glory, and once the deal on this house has been sealed I pray the anointing upon this house because everything in that house will praise ye the Lord. I’m asking that you would anoint this women of God show her it’s only for the asking, and because you are concern about the things of your people and the matters of their hearts I ask you now Father God, that she will just began to praise you for that house. We are praying for family I don’t know their needs this evening but Father you set high and you look low, and because you a big enough God to handle to it the situation, I am you to step in right now in the name of Jesus, whatever they need supply master, touch the head of that household give him strength to lead his family in the way you have set forth for him to do, touch that wife, that she will follow the lead of her husband, and touch the children now Jesus, that they would be obedient at all times. Oh God your word says a family that prays together stays together, Please shine your light upon this family. Give them strength to overcome all of the difficulties that they may be dealing with at this time. Protect them against any and all problems. If there is forgiveness that needs to be I ask that you would grant forgiveness bless them O God in Jesus name I pray Amen.



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