Morning Prayer

O righteous Father, how we thank you for your love and your forgiveness. Now, dear Father, help us as we seek to draw closer to you and as we seek to know you better. Purify our hearts of any duplicity or secret sin. Cleanse our conscience and empower us to be an example of your grace and holiness. As we come thanking you on this morning Lord, Jesus we don’t know who are what will cross our path today or even why. But we do know that you are our rock and our fortress. You are our shepherd and you said we shall not want. You are our shield and our strong tower. Help us to anchor our self to you today. Teach us how to stand strong in you and chose only your way today. Help us walk by your truth and not our feelings. Help us to embrace anything that comes our way as an opportunity to see you at work and as an opportunity to point others to you. Thank you that you love us and nothing we can ever do can take that away from us, even when we fail and fall short of your glory and I know master we do it a lot. We still need to hear your still small voice whispering in our ear that you still love us unconditionally. Father I realize that your mercies are new every morning. that’s why I thank Jesus for meeting us here this morning and as we began to speak with you, you began to speak back to us and I knew that even in this day that everything is going to be alright. Now Father as we embark upon this new day, we hollow you, that your kingdom come on earth as it is in heaven. We thank you for you are our hope; we thank you for you are our remedy for all that ails us. You are the comfort of our souls. You are the one that does the damage controlling in our lives and I just have to say thank you. You are the infallible and unfailing God, you are the inexhaustible source for us, and you are our strength when we have none. Father God in your word you said you will never leave nor forsake us; you would never stop loving us, thank you for your grace and mercy. Father we thank you for your glory, and that you watch over us all night long and then you saw fit to let us wake to another brand new day, I pray that you would watch over us throughout this day, our children, our job, and at the end of this day master, allow us to return home and find out homes in the manner in which we left them give peace to us now in the name of Jesus help us O God to be men and women who live out our faith. Please help us to radically love those you have placed in our lives. Father give us the love we need to love those who are difficult, hardhearted, hurtful and selfish. Help us to stay connected to you, focused solely on you and have an unquenchable thirst for your word. I ask that you would change us from the inside out. Help us to be men and women who live lives focused on eternity with you. Thank you for being our Lord, our savior, our friend, for being our rescuer. Thank you for loving and looking beyond our faults but for having us love you back in Jesus name, sometimes we think we’d be free if we didn’t have rules, but the fact of the matter Father I won’t have it any other way, because it’s the following your guidelines that keeps us out of bondage. Give us the desire to submit to your laws. Give us the strength we need to resist the devil in times of temptation, and show us how we can flee from forbidden fruit and run from evil doings so the devil will flee from us. We want to draw near to you and close to each other. We’re tired of straddling the fence and getting close to sin, then wondering why we stumble. We don’t want to be the prey anymore Father, Help us to resist temptation and please show us what we need to remove from our lives so we can continue resisting the devil on a daily basis. Thank you for your word and for always loving us. Heavenly Father we open our hearts to you this morning offering thanks, praise, and worship for all your glorious works and blessings received, for we know it is your voice that holds together our universe and all thing created. Lord, give those who can barely walk, talk, or even see the strength to continue as they face the stress and assault of the evil one that lurks in our midst with temptation. Let us all pray this day specifically for those we know personally who are facing trying times and those still under persecution for your name sake. Please, dear Lord, give them the strength and meet their most pressings needs if it’s healing, heal master, if it’s finances, fix for them Jesus, if it’s their marriage, you are the one that can restore, if it’s deliverance set free from bondage as only you these trying times. Through Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior, who conquered Satan, sin, and death, and in the power of your holy name we pray, your will be done on earth as it is in heaven Amen Amen

Ministry AJ


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