Lord, as we come before you on this morning, we come realizing that last night is gone. We thank you how you watch over us through the night, how you kept those who were working through the night hour and you sustained them and allowed them to make it home safe and now there day become their night, and so we ask that as they lay down that you would watch over them. But master for those of us that slept through the night you have awaken us allowing us another day. We come this morning rejoicing. We come thanking you for your many blessing, thanking you for our right mind, thanking you for our very heath, thanking you for our family, thanking you for our finances, thanking you for our job that we can get up and go to. Lord you are with us every step of the way and yet we still lose faith. Because of fear of the outcome of our future; O God we realize that faith casts out fear, while fear cast out faith. For you alone know what the future holds and help us to trust you when we doubt. Lord somebody on this line this morning need and I’m asking you to grant us patience Lord, grant patience master as we wait on your answer to our call. Have patience to wait on you will you are fixing the mess that we find ourselves in, give us the patience that while you are fixing the mess but you are fixing us too. Somebody need this morning master, for their love ones, somebody need you Jesus because they don’t know which way to go. Somebody need you Jesus, because they heard you can do all things right, somebody need you Jesus, because their mama need you to heal her body, heal her mind, heal her finances, somebody need you because even though you stood watch over them all night long they did not rest because they could not let go of the things that happen on last week and hear we are in this new week and they still holding on to last week, but we know you to be a sovereign God. somebody this morning need you Jesus, to walk with them, to talk with them, somebody has laid their worries down only to pick them back up again, master I’m asking you this morning that you would allow them to be still in the midst of the their storms for your timing is always perfect. You never early and you never late, Father God I ask every need be in this day O God for those on this line including myself, and as we continue our daily walk with thee that we may do that in our communion with you, and may supernatural wisdom and revelation knowledge flood out hearts and souls on today. I pray for success in everything we do, give us master the tenacity, patience and strength to reap the harvest you have and are providing for your children. I ask now for traveling grace throughout this day for your people, I declare that everything we put our heart and mind to today will prosper in Jesus name Amen.

Minister AJ


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