Morning Prayer

Father it’s on this Saturday morning I come to you with an open heart and a repentant mind, thanking you for forgiving me of my sins that were committed on yesterday knowingly and unknowingly, and as you have allowed me to see this day it’s because of the purpose that has not yet been fulfilled in my life, so as I go through this day I ask you now Father in the name of Jesus that you would open my mind to the beauties of all that you have in stored for your people in this day. I thank you that you watch over our families all night long, even those family member who are still choosing to acknowledge who you are but I just believe Father a day and time is coming that every knee will bow and every tough shall confess, so on this Saturday morning Lord, as I thank you for the gift of life, I just got to think for the peace that you have given unto me, thank that I can let go of somethings I’ve been holding on to because I felt I could do it by myself, but master the my pride didn’t let me hold on to it any longer, thank you master my fall did not have to come because of my pride, thank you master for never living us nor forsaking us, thank you that you are right there at the door of our heart knocking. I also got to thank you for the gift of wonderful people that I have met along the way of this journey. I know master there were those that pretended and that’s okay, because you got the glory out of what they pretended to do. There were those that inspired me along way and I will never be able to repay, there were some that helped to stretch me, years ago I thank for those that even challenge me, I thank you for those that loved me, and have since gone home to glory to be with you. I thank you for those who encourage me way back when and to those who are encouraging me now. Because master weather good bad ugly or indifferent all of them help me to realize how meaningful and beautiful my life is and has become. Now Father I’m asking on this morning that you would bless them Lord in such a special way, with good health, security, wealth, success, peace, and joy. I pray that you would grant their prayers as you see fit to do. Now master bless indeed O God those who womb for whatever reason has been closed up I’m asking you on this morning, because I don’t believe that there child bearing season has passed master I’m asking you that you would open up their womb in this season O God, that they may know what it is to have life growing on inside of them because it’s nothing like master that having gone through nine months of having a life grow on the inside of you only to give birth and bring that precious life into this world, some woman or women have been praying for a long time for that experience I pray now in the name of Jesus that you would grant their partition in the mighty name of Jesus. I ask you now master that you would look upon the hearts of those who are single, man and women that master they would just hold on a little while longer because we know that there are no perfect people out there, but through much prayer you are the one that can fix our hearts to love as you loved the church, so dear God for those including myself, help us to work in your vineyard as you are preparing the mate for us, help us not get weary while we are on the battle field for you master, because I believe that a man that searches out the heart of a women, will find a good thing, that’s what your word says it will do, but over in Matthew 6:33 that we must seek ye first the kingdom of you master and as we began to seek you out in all things doing you will, working for you giving our whole heart unto you master, that because you ordained marriage that you have the right fit for us. Father God this is the day that you have made let us rejoice and be glad in it. Master I’m asking you now to bring peace to the weary minds, bring love to the lonely, bring healing to those who are sick, bring about finances to those who have none. Now Jesus because you are the head of our life, you have told us in no uncertain terms that we are the leaders and not borrowers, you said we are the head and not the tail, you tell us that we are more than conquers through your son Christ Jesus, and so master wherever you lead us in this day, we will follow. Help us to continue to press toward the mark of our higher call. Bless F.A.I.T.H. Ministries and all those you yourself have handpicked, to take you word to the streets, thank Jesus. I pray now master that this ministry will grow in numbers and as we take it to the streets help us to realize that you have not given us the Spirit off fear, each time we go to the streets master we should always have on the full Armour of you Master. And so now I ask that you bless us O Lord, and these thy gifts, which we are about the receive in this day from the bounty of your hands and through our elder brother Christ Jesus Amen.


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