Prayer Safe in the arms of God

God this morning I want to think you for keeping me through the night hours, last night was long and painful but you saw fit to hold me and when you go through your trails, when you go through your storm master it’s just good to know that we are safe in your arms. I thank you now Father that as I go through my valley, my death valley experience I know that you are right there, I thank you this morning master that no matter what we go through you have sad in your word that you would not leave us nor for sake us, Lord, I’m asking you on this morning that you would purge me, purge of those things that are not of you, Father I say yes to your will and your way, and whatever it is I have to let go of now Jesus move it out of my life, whatever God you want me to do I’ll do it Jesus, wherever you want to go I will go now master, just prepare me now Father for you are the sovereign Lord, God almighty. Lord whatever way you have to prepare me now master here I am send me. I can’t turn around now Jesus, I won’t turn back now Jesus, I will press toward the mark of my higher calling, I decide long ago to walk with you. so here I am this morning leaning on the everlasting on don’t know which way to go my heart is heavy this morning master I’m asking you that you would order my steps in your word, hide me beneath your wings, wrap me up now master that no harm will come nay my dwelling place, lift up a standard against me Father you said when my mother and my father forsake me you would be right there, when so call friends will turn their backs on you, you said you would be right there, when children lie on you, you said you would be right there, you said when my money is funny you would be right there, Lord, God I need you t sweep through the city of my life right now Jesus, you said in your word that no weapon formed against me shall prosper, you never told they wouldn’t lie on me, you never told me they wouldn’t try to stab me in my back, you never told me Jesus the my children would not go against, you never told me my grandchildren would not lie on me, you never told it would be easy, but what you did tell is that you came into this old sinful world that I might have life and have more abundantly, you told me that trails and temptation will come but because you overcame that I can to. You did tell me that I was more than a conquer through you Christ Jesus, you told me that I’m the head and not the tail, you told me that whatever concerns me has to concern you, but you me if I would mount up on the wings of the an eagle and faint not that if I waited for the appointed time, if I did not weep but just have the faith that everything would be alright, now master I need you to help me now to let go and release, I’m asking you now Father that you move me out the way, so that you can step and move on my behalf like a mighty rushing wind. Have your way now Father, let your will be done, not mine, Lord you said every knee will bow and every tongue shall confess that you are Lord of Lord and King of King, I ‘m so glad death could not hold you, O bless my soul this morning Jesus , draw me nearer to thee on this morning, Father I just got think for you blocking what the enemy thought he was going to take me down with, thank you for your amazing grace for how sweet the sound it because it can save a wretch like me , master I think you that I’m not lost anymore, that so fit to raise up a standard against me. I understand now what it is to be kept by you Jesus, that’s why I’m going to stand on the battle the field until the day I die, So I come this morning to serve notice on you Satan I know you thought you had me, but me God blocked it, I did have to ask why anymore, why this happen the way it did, because I learned a long time ago why not me, I’m stronger now for having gone through, I’m wiser now because I have no doubt that God brought me out, I’m better because God has told I am the head and not the tail, He told me where He leads me it’s to greater heights unknown to man, it’s just a process, I’m in my pressing season and I believe father I’m going to be alright, because when my Sunday come I won’t have any more troubles, when my Sunday come all my troubles will be over, when my Sunday comes, I won’t have to worry about no more pain, no more, crying, no more hurt, no more lying, no regrets, not more of not having enough of this or that, when my Sunday come Oh what day that will be, when my Sunday come. When my Sunday come I will get to walk the streets of Gold where every day will be Sunday and Sabbath will have no end, but then master, I’m going to hold my head up high help me to forgive the wrong that’s be done to me, help me not to hold any grudges or ill will because I know you got all in control move me out the way now master, you step in and have your way. Father I’m safe in your arms no matter what happens now I’m safe in your arms, no matter who stays or who goes, I’m safe in your arms, no matter how rough the road gets I’m safe in your arms, because I know that time is a swift transition and if I can hold on just a little while longer, if I can just hold to your unchanging hand everything is going to be alright. Now God is there anything I can thank you for this morning, I thank you for my peace, I thank you for my health, I thank you for my sure footing, I thank you for my walk with thee, I thank you for my ministry, I thank you for the house I’m in right now, I thank you for transportation, I thank you for my children in spite of, I thank you for my grandchildren in spite of, I thank that your ways or not like ours, I thank you that your thoughts are not like man, I thank you for thoughts you have for me in this day, and that’s to prosper, and not fret, to trend upon the head of the enemy, I thank you master for who you are and who you are in me in Jesus name I just want to thank you for the pruning season O God, I thank you for isolation because it’s in the isolation you can purify us and I know once the process is over I will come through as pure gold I just got to thank you master in Jesus name I pray Amen.


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