Prayer of He’s preparing us

Dear Lord, thank you for my life. I pray you would prepare us for what lies ahead today. I know there may be some circumstances or situations that may catch us off guard, but I pray that we would be prepared and equipped to handle it all. As we rely on you for our strength and provision, I ask that you would also help us not to fear or worry. I desire to be in your will and to fulfill all that you have for me in the name of Jesus’. O God I realize that you are preparing your people in this season for something, I just believe Father that you are making us ready and it’s only because you care for us. Father I also realize that this is just a dress rehearsal here, I realize that these old bodies are just on loan from you master, but in the meantime this is what you are doing in us, you are maturing some of us, you arranging others, I know that you are rearranging some as well, but God I found with me you are training, you are tuning, you are purging, and you are pruning me all because you care for us, now master no matter what comes up in our lives because of everything you have and are still doing in our lives we can handle the events of this day Father. Now Lord I know there are going to be some days we are going to have to go through boot camp, and that’s going to require us to get ready early in the morning, Lord whatever you need to do to prepare me if it means sending through the valleys I’ll go, if it means, climbing up the rough side of the mountain that’s okay too. Whatever you need to do Jesus I just want more of you. Thank you for the preparation stages, there’s a miracle in this room in the atmosphere this morning and somebody ought to put praise on it this morning. Father God we come thanking you for a peaceful night rest. And we thank you now for another day’s journey, while we thank you for that Jesus, I want to say we are grateful for our homes, our transportation, our children, our finances they may not be where we think they should be but I’m grateful Lord, I just got to thank you on this morning, for our health and strength, thank for eyes to see with, thank you that we can speak, thank you for being able to walk, and to talk. In the name of Jesus you are the great anointer, you are the one who makes the impossible possible, and I come today to declare this day a fresh anointing for supernatural breakthrough upon our lives. Nothing shall be impossible for you, and Father I just believe that whatever we your children ask of you in this day, this week, or even this month it shall come to pass by your word. I pray for the anointing of wealth and prosperity to flow in your people life. O Lord, God I believe that’s there’s a miracle in the atmosphere on today Jesus, with our name on it. I believe there’s healing in the atmosphere with our name on it. O I’m trusting and believing that’s there’s a breakthrough that’s in the atmosphere and it’s coming our way, so on this morning, master I just wanna go head and give you a praise. We just got to put a praise on it this morning, I don’t know about you, but if you believe that God has a breakthrough for you and your name is on it I think you ought to give Him a crazy praise, O how we thank you master, Father if you would just for a little while this morning, we just want to set the atmosphere, somebody brother cried on yesterday and said my brother is having surgery right now pray, and I just want to thank Jesus, because when I saw it on the news it was reported that he had made through surgery Hallelujah. I’m asking you master to look upon the homeless, look upon those women of domestic abuse, and their children, Lord, Jesus, I can’t forgot about our country, Lord, I’m asking for healing in this your name Jesus, Father God I believe that miracles always happen when we believe, now Father in heaven, I just want to pause this morning and look to you. I ask that you would fan the flame within your children, and within me, Lord, bring life to the gifts you’ve imparted into us. Open our eyes to see evidences of your glory everywhere we turn. Put faith in our heart to step out, to a necessary miracle in somebody’s life today. But God I want you to know that I’m waiting on my personal breakthrough too. Work through me now master as I move toward the mark of my higher calling in you Christ Jesus. And Father for those who are struggling with multiple things, help them to understand that some things take time; I pray for encouragement so that neither they nor myself would grow weary and tired of waiting or doing good. But I ask that you would just fill us with wisdom. I ask that you would equip us with the patience we need to endure in your name Father I pray and thank you for preparing us Amen.



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