Afternoon Prayer

I know for myself that you are El Roi, the God who sees us all, the God that opens our eyes to His work and to increase our faith even and especially when His promises seem impossible to fulfill. Lord, I praise you for you know our whole story, from beginning to end, you see it all. Give I ask that you give us the humility to admit our limitations, for we don’t always see the past accurately, because our vision of the present is often blurred, and we are sometimes blind when it comes to the future. Help us fasten our eyes on you, trusting in your vision for our life and in your watchful care. I come today lifting my hands and my eyes to the Heavens thanking you for today for being the God who sees all things. You are the God who leaves no stone unturned and no situation without a remedy. You are the God whose eyes travel to and fro over all creation quietly gazing and not missing a thing. You are God who sees everyone, all the way into the darkest recesses of their hearts and still is not surprised by anything we do or say. You are God that thinks of us long after we stop believing and never stops seeking us, because your heart is for your creation. You see the persecuted that are now scattered and homeless. You see the one who is clinging onto the world afraid to lose what they never had, and those who have sold out and became rich. You see those in the American church who still trust in their possessions and their comforts and their religion. Father I thank you for seeing little old me, here in my place of prayer. Not only are you the God who sees, you are the God who will one day restore all things. There is no evil or good thing that happens now that will not be rewarded in the end. For not only are you the God who sees, you are a God who is fiercely active and working all things together for our good. It’s been a tough week, but you have been here with us all. Heavenly Father, you are El Roi, the God who sees, and I just want to thank you that no matter how along I am in the physical I know that I’m never alone in the spiritual because it’s when I come into your presence there is no place like it that I can ever go, that’s where I can lay in your arms and tell you all about my problems. Its right there where I can never ever be along because you are right there with me. Thank you that when I stray, you see when I am lost, you find me when I am hurt, you heal me when I am empty, you fill me when I am hungry, you feed me when I fail, you restore me too. I know you are around me all the time. Enable me to sense your presence in the midst of my everyday life. Manifest yourself to me as you did to those in the Bible days; open the eyes of my heart to receive abundant wisdom and knowledge as I learn another of your magnificent names. Teach me your character so I can know you better and trust you more. I ask all this in the Name of your Son, Jesus Christ, my Lord, the Good Shepherd. Amen.


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