Prayer of Healing

O Gentle God, you are the creator of all that we are, bestow upon these your children the one you love your touch of healing, your presence of peace, your loving kindness, comfort, you are the great physician, touch as you did when you walked the earth, stretch forth you hand now before your people all that needs healing and heal now. God I wish that I could call out all of the many illness but I still would miss some, so what I do now I call out the ones that I know and those that were not called out you have the power the cure them all, but master I’m asking as a mother this afternoon, that you would touch and heal the mind of my children and any sickness that might be surrounding around there bodies. I call out Sick a Cell Anima, Hoskins disease, Alzheimer, Kidney disease, Lung cancer, liver cancer, throat cancer, stomach cancer, blood deficiencies of all kind, Lupus, manic depression, low-esteem, I’m asking that you would heal those who has rejection problems, because I know it to be real because I dealt with it myself. I’m asking that you look upon those with depression, Father I ask that you hear my prayer, I come asking for release for the mental patient, release from physical suffering I ask that you would show mercy as you close wounds, cure illness, make broken bodies whole and free downcast spirits. Lord, Jesus heal memories, heal my body, heal my soul, heal my mind. Lay your hands gently upon me and heal me through and through. Teach me to reach out to you in my own need and help me to lead others to you by my example. O Most loving heart of Jesus, touch this now my life that you have created so that I might always do your will. I ask for your anointing to fall fresh upon your people in Jesus name I pray Amen.

Minister AJ


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