Morning Prayer

Lord, I bring to you my burdens and you know my situation. You know I can’t make it without you, comfort our heart, give us strength and help us carry on. Lord God I am asking that you would listen to our words on this morning and hear our sighs. Lead us to do your will of this day. Make our way plain for us to follow. Guard our lips in this day from speaking evil. I trust in your love, O lord, which protects me like a shield. Heavenly Father, you are in charge of everything that will happen to me on today whether it be good or bad, positive or negative. Please me thankful for everything that happens to me today. Teach us how to be a blessing to others today. Show us what you want us to do and enable us to do it. Give us all we need to minister life, hope, help, and healing to people you put in our lives. Make us to be one of your faithful prayer warriors so we can pray in power. Help us to make a big difference in the world because you are working through us to touch lives. And Lord, by chance show we be anxious or worried about anything I ask that you help us remember you are the one who flung stars into space., you are the one who plans every step we take, I ask that when our worry mounds and builds, and escalate out of control help us relinquish our cares into your hands. For your hands were the hands that created the hairs on our heads, your hands were the hands that created the starry night sky. It was your hands that hold our future together. Father give us the courage to trust you wholly, give us your peace that calms all fears, because that is when we can become rejuvenated. From pitiful worriers to prayer warriors I thank you and love you with my whole heart in Jesus name I pray Amen.
Minister AJ


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