Morning Prayer

Lord, the reason we struggle with insecurity is because we compare our behind the scenes of everyday life to everybody else’s highlight reel. That’s why when pain comes it changes us and the people and the people around us. It makes us trust less, overthink more and shut people out. But God is it possible that at this time and in this season you are starting to isolate your people separating the wheat from the tare. Lord, God help us to stop isolating ourselves because that’s only causing further unfamiliar territory for us. Well, Father I may need to say it another way, you the only time any of us I believe Jesus should be isolated is when we are trying to get into the presence of the most high God. It’s at that time that God you are going to take that which is familiar to us and it will than become unfamiliar. Okay, what I’m trying to say hear Lord Jesus, let me try and explain this a little more because I seem to find myself right now in that place. I realize master that there are two types of isolation experiences that you will or can allow us to go through in this life and that is involuntary and voluntary, Lord, for those whose don’t quite understand it all I just want to come by this morning and tell them right now let you might won’t to give up on some stuff voluntary. Because I do understand that even being in position of leadership we will find ourselves typically experiencing four workings of you God stripping, wresting, deepening and releasing, Lord, help me this morning Jesus. Which in actuality is just propelling us into our future? Because the process of this whole thing could go several ways, while we are going through this transition, many things can happen while we are making that transition Confusion; I’ve been there master not knowing what to do, restlessness, I get tired and frustrated easily, then there is the lack of clarity and diminished confidence, O Lord. But I come by this morning to tell somebody hold on because when it’s all over with and you have come through. You and I should be ready to show forth some fruit O God, well what you mean. God is either going to bring you out of that having an inward Transformation, which just mean, everything that God wanted to strip from you and I or break you and I out of it’s been done. Hallelujah. Spiritual Transformation has to take place you and I will come out of this and we will know that our faith and God’s faithfulness it’s going to depend on our circumstance, but God’s character. Because if any of us master would take the time only to look at Joseph we would see what you done in his life of misery. Ministry Transformation will have happen and that’s only going to produce a greater voice recognition which is going to result in becoming better leaders, better husbands, better wives, better children which will be trained to listen to and trust the voice of our Good Shepherd. Father, let us continually give you unrestrained praise. I thank you that I am alive to serve you today; I praise your name because you have counted me as your own. Though Satan has attempted to destroy me, you have protected me and delivered me from his grasp. I bless you because your promises are ever with me. And your presence is above me, beneath me, and on all sides. I affirm that there is no circumstance that I must endure alone; by your grace I want to give thanks in all things. I pray and ask that you will help us to know how to motivate each other to join in giving you praise. Let us together believe that praise not only glorifies you, it strengthens our faith, and affirms that you are in charge of the wider universe not just our small world. Help us to remember to give thanks in all things and offer prayers of adoration throughout this day. Now Father somebody said darkness/chaos are bring them down, your word say Lord, Even the darkness is not dark to you; the night is bright as the day, for darkness is as light with you. (Psalm 139:12) Lord Above, You child feel lost. I don’t even know where to begin praying. It’s clarity that she wants, its direction she needs, strength and discernment master. Lord, God she I would say feel she’s in a place of darkness and no light is coming in, she may even feel surrounded by that darkness, but master one thing I do know that darkness cannot comprehend light. She may be going through because of the man in her life, she maybe going though because the children are acting out, because there may be and breakdown in the family system, but God I come by tonight because you are a God that specializes. May be the work she’s doing is not bringing in enough money, I don’t know God, but you know all things and you see all things. The bills may be piling up, and she just can’t handle the pressure and stress that’s own her. Lord, please show her your will in her life. Give her the knowledge and wisdom to conduct herself as a Christian. Bad circumstances aren’t a gateway for her to get out of your will now. Cast those burdens off of her Lord, I humbly pray that you would honor her request for wisdom in this because she cannot do anything on her own. It is by your power alone that she is moving through this chaos. O I love You, Father, give clarity now master yes, if you would only call out for insight and raise your voice for understanding, if you would seek it like silver and search for it as for hidden treasures, then you would understand the fear of the Lord and find the knowledge of God. (Proverbs 2:3-5) Omniscient Father, Lord, You have full knowledge of everything in your grasp. There is nothing that surprises you. Father, she needs clarity right now. And I am sure that even now master she’s given herself more than a hundred reasons to give up, Father, I ask you now for a clear and concise answer on what she need to do. Lord I pray that your will be give her clarity Lord. Father I ask that you would give her the knowledge and the words to speak. Lord, I pray that you would prepare her heart. Lord, when the truth is revealed I pray that the one at fault and we know who he is Satan will be cast down and destroy. Lord, I pray now that you would be glorified in His ultimate time. I love you Lord, with my whole heart it’s in Jesus name I pray Amen
Minister AJ


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