Prayer I believe

It’s time for us to forget the past, forget the mistakes, and focus on what you are doing in our life today. I know you are doing a new thing. You are placing the right people I our life, and removing the wrongs ones. You are closing old doors and preparing us for new opportunities. The pruning process can be uncomfortable and painful, but I know it’s for our good. We will believe we will trust you. O God I believe there’s about to be a shift in our life, Thank you for our life, dear God. Please don’t let anyone, or anything, distract our heart from honoring you. Please do not let the evil one distort our sense of being your creation. Father God, thank You for loving us and for creating us. Thank You for the breath of life that you gave. Help us to use our body and voice to serve you all the days of our life. Now Father those of us that are experiencing lack we realize that there is no lack in you. So Heavenly Father, Today and every day we will keep our head up, we will keep smiling, we will keep fighting, and we will stand strong, firm, and persevere because you are by our side. Thank you for teaching us that the enemy fights the hardest when our breakthrough and answer is about to show up in our life. Therefore, when negativity and trouble are thrown at us from all corners, we will not get angry and quit, but we will keep moving forward and give you the praise. I thank you for using the negativity in our life to prepare us mold us, and propel us into our destiny. We will speak Romans 8:28 today, because everything that is happening in my life right now, you will use for our good. Now Father I come asking that you would help those with their unbelief, Lord, I realize that we are no longer our own, but yours. Put us to what you will. Rank us with who you will. Let us be employed by your or laid aside for you, exalted for we or brought low by you. Let us have all thins. Let us have nothing, Lord; we freely yield all things to our pleasure and disposal. And now, O glorious and blessed God, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, you are ours and we are yours in Jesus name Amen.


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