Prayer speaking life into your situation today

Let Us Pray Father, this morning I come speaking life into every situation, worry, anxiety, addiction, pain, illness, Lord, God I speak life this morning, Lord we are in a time now where your people are being over taken by emotional pain, loss of a job, and not being able to take care of their families, Lord, God men who think they are failures, because they can’t provide for themselves let a long taking care of someone else, but God I come this Friday morning to speak life, you are the one that is in control and Lord, no matter how it may look, no matter how it may feel, no matter no matter, you or our provider, so God this morning to every man, to every woman, to every child, I speak you are a child of God, You are the redeemed from the hand of the enemy, You are forgiven, You are saved by grace through faith, You are justified, You are sanctified, You are a new creature in Christ Jesus, You are partaker of God’s divine nature, You are redeemed from the curse of the Law, You are delivered from the power of darkness, You have the divine favor of God in whatever I do and wherever I go, You are getting all my needs met by Jesus, You shall cast all your cares on Jesus, You are strong in the Lord and in the power of His might, You can do all things through Jesus Christ who strengthens me, You are heir of God and a joint heir with Jesus Christ, You are heir to the blessings of Abraham, You are healed by the stripes of Jesus, You will exercise your authority over the enemy, You are above only and not beneath, You are more than a conqueror, You are an overcomer by the blood of the Lamb and the word of my testimony, You will not move by what I see, You will walk by faith and not by sight, You are the head and not the tail, You will put on the mind of Jesus Christ. Lord your people are free from all bondages because the bondage is destroying the anointing; but I’m speaking life master for the Spirit of you God to dwell on the inside of me and your people; so as I continue to speak life over them in this day, I declare and decree therefore they are bondage free, free in their mind, in their thoughts, in their finances, in their home in Jesus name Amen



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