Let Us Pray Father, this morning I pray that You might give each of us a sense of assurance so we might never every doubt who you are or who you are in our life, I thank you master that I can come to the throne and ask for what I need of thee, as on this morning when asking to be fill with the Holy Spirit, you are God and you will do just what you say. Lord, God this morning I wept, tears of joy, because I began to partake of asking believing and then receiving the Holy Spirit came in and took control and it’s that what it’s all about Jesus, just asking that we might be glorified in your name. I pray that I might let the promises of your word guide me during the dark times; I pray that my faith might grow each day in my walk with you. I pray for your children this morning Father that they might treasure your promises; let your word be internalized within them; cause your truth to be their strength and joy. Deliver us from false assurance based on a decision that might or might not have resulted in saving faith. Deliver us from the presumption that one is a child of God based on a false understanding of salvation. Where there is true faith, may it grow with such certainty that we become as confident of heaven as though we are already there? Thank You for the Spirit who cries within us, Abba, Father. Father, as we examine the emotional pain of our lives, when it seems as though you’ve forgotten about us, we often start out with the question of Why? But in hindsight we realize that those struggles taught us practical truths that we could not learn overnight but over time, and that there truly was purpose in our pain and in your timing. Help us to model integrity and steadfastness in the midst of the severe struggles and sweeping storms of life. Your eternal purpose is greater than our temporal pain. Remind us that it may not just be for our own instruction but for others looking on who may learn from our difficult experiences. Lord, I am lifting up our loves they need to know you, Jesus. Please soften their heart. Please make yourself so profoundly evident in their life that they can’t help but to come to know you. You are our God and you are awesome you love us and wants us to commune with you. You give us the tremendous blessing of prayer, and the ability to have us approach and be heard by you master, so in this day, we give you glory and honor in the name of Jesus.


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