Morning Prayer for needless misery

Father God here I am this morning praying for those who just can’t seem to let go of the hurts of the past, they hold on to it as though it gives life to them, but the truth of the matter is God it only takes life away from, there are some people who always seem angry and continuously looking for conflict. It’s time master that they walk away from this spirit that’s keeping them bound, because the battle they are fighting isn’t with anyone else, although they claim it is master, but it’s a battle within themselves, so I come this morning master asking that you would make a clear way of escape for them starting with their mind because your word tell us that our minds can be renewed in and through you O, God. Now Lord, help us to recognize which people have priority in our lives and which ones to let go. Reveal those who pretend to love us, Remove those who love to hate us, and protect us from those who wish to harm us. Lord, God I realize that hurt people hurts people, broken people break hearts. Lord, don’t let someone else pain be the cause of another person pain because they refuse to forgive. Father I come this morning that your presence would come in and be their comforter and their guide, many of them Jesus have present struggles but even though that maybe the case it still does not mean they are failures, so Father here we are this Saturday morning and I just come by to declare and decree upon the lives of those who feel that misery have to taken their live over, the devil is a liar, I declare that they will not get comfortable in their misery, that they will not wallow in their self–pity. Rather, they shall get up and rise I declare, that whilst they may suffer a little while, you God yourself has promised that you would restore, support, and strengthen them and that you would place their footing on a solid foundation thank you Jesus. Father I just want to thank you because there is always something to be thankful for each and every day of our life and that’s comes from being up under your grace. Father, God teach us to forward all our issue up to Heaven and leave them there, and while we are forwarding everything to you master to us to hold on and say we won’t let you got till you bless us. Jesus, I pray for people with unrelenting pain in their bodies those who no longer get any relief from physical therapy or medication. I pray for people with emotional and mental diseases who live in the cruel world of delusional thinking and sabotaging emotions and I pray for their families and care-givers. I pray for the unconscionable number of children in the world who are suffering from hunger and malnutrition and for their parents who feel both shame and helplessness. Lord, these and many more stories of great suffering I bring before you. But Jesus, I also pray for the worst chronic suffering of all for those who are living with great pain or with great prosperity, but who are separate from Christ. Come Holy Spirit, come, and apply the saving benefits of Jesus to the religious and the non-religious alike to those who may be in the church or in the culture, but who are not in Christ. Amen, I pray, in your all glorious and grace Amen and Amen.


Sermon we can’t be real in the church.


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