Father God I come today with all the scares of your people pain and their hurts, but God you can bring us out of the very pit of hell, and that’s what your people need Father they need to be brought out from their pain, they need to know that they can survive. Father every scare we have it let us know that we survived the very thing that they thought was going to take them out. Lord, some have the scares from being on drugs but Jesus they survived, some have scares from alcoholism, Lord Jesus some scares are from molestation, scares of being raped, but we survived. Master I think you for answering prayers, whatever needs to be fixed even after their scares have been shown, you show yourself faithful. Thank you for being consistent in all of your ways. Master this day we just want to thank you for our going out and our coming back in, we thank you for being so meek and humble toward us. We thank you for grace and mercy. O God of love, I turn to you now and ask you to be with your people and to give them courage to get on the spiritual journey of healing. They shouldn’t have to do alone. I believe that you are here with us now. You offer us your help, and it is up to us to accept it. Sometimes we may feel that our heart is too closed to let you in, and our minds to narrow to perceive just how great you are, but even if it is open only a little we want to learn how to trust that you will make it a perfect opening for your grace and your healing power to work in our life. Lord we want to give you what we can and we are going to trust that you will do the rest in Jesus name. Now I’m asking you to come, Holy Spirit, and fill the hearts of your people that you would show us to be faithful and enkindle us the fire of your love. I’m asking that you would send forth your spirit, Oh, God, who by the light of the Holy Spirit did instruct the hearts of your people. Grant that by the same Holy Spirit, we may be truly wise and ever rejoice in him through Christ, Our Lord. Heavenly father please aid those Lord who feel they are fighting a losing battle inside of themselves. Their minds are unraveling and they are at the breaking point. Some may feel that lord, if you don’t step in that they are going to die from the inside out, Lord, for one reason another their heart hurts, their minds are confused, their heads is in chaos, their body feels like it is going to stop at any moment. You said all those who are weary should come to you. Lord, and I know a lot of them master are weary, I bring them before the throne this evening with the scars of their soul. I come to you with their fears, failures, sadness, sorrow, pain, anxiety, and their brokenness. I come to you Lord with all that is within me. Dear Lord, Jesus we come before you kneeling at this moment, of the day I come asking that you would enlighten your people hearts. Enlighten what might be dark on the inside of them, strengthen O God what is weak in them, Father I’m asking you to mend what is broken in them, and please Father bind what is bruised on the inside of them, O God if it’s not asking too much revive whatever peace and love that might have died in them I’m asking you to please revive right now in the name of Jesus. I’m praying this prayer even for my own family in Jesus. Lord show us the doors to knock on, and let them be open to us. Lord let the doors lead us to places that will give us answers, hope, and the belief that it will get better. And if we should become afraid to knock on those doors Lord, give us the courage to seek and find those answers. Lord, help us to let go of our fears so that we can find that meaning that peace inside of us. Lord you said ask and it will be given to you, seek and you will find, knock and the doors will be opened to you. I am asking for you to come into our life with a force, a presence, a sign. Lord, I know you have done so much for me, you have given me hope Lord that life has a greater promise than what I see right now. But, now I need you even more, I need you to be a shield unto me Lord. Be my shield against this sorrow, sadness, pain. Lord be our strength as we are weak. In mind, in body, in spirit, in heart, in soul we are weak Lord. Be our doctor, be our healer, be our medicine. Come into our body and touch every inch and corner of us with your warmth and heal me physically, mentally, emotionally, and everything in between in Jesus name Amen.



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