Morning Prayer

Dear Father, I come to thee this morning with my head bowed down thanking you for last night sleep, thanking you that you woke us up this morning, but in my waking up I could hear you speaking to me and I just want to say thank you master, thank you for waking my soul up filled with your Spirit, I come before thee just as I am, I come in your name Father forgiving all for what they have done, or even said about me that was not true, I come to set the record straight with Satan on this morning, he cannot take my joy, he cannot have my peace, he cannot have my children, he cannot have my health. Lord, God I come this morning, giving you all of me, the good, the bad and even the ugly. I come because master you know me better than I know myself, Lord, Jesus if there is healing that I need in my body, maybe some area where I don’t experience anything and yet there maybe something I’m asking you to heal right now. Lord, if our walk needs to change and our conversations need to change; change it Lord Jesus change it now. Lord give us the eyes to see the people and not just see them but to see the best in them, give us a heart that’s ready to forgive, give us a mind that forgets the worst and a soul master that never loss faith. Jesus you who have said ask and you shall receive, seek ad you shall find, knock and it shall be opened to you. All that I ask of you my Father in the name of Jesus you said you would grant unto to us. I humbly ask Father in that name that my prayers to be granted for every person that I pray for and that master you would just keep filling me with your power, Lord, God I don’t do this for form of fashion, I do because you call me to do so, I do because I know that’s the way your people are going to be heal, deliver, and set free from bondage, I pray because Lord, God you have given me the heart for prayer and Lord, I don’t take that for granted, so here I am this morning, stretching out, because the more I stretch the more you will allow me to extend myself, the more I stretch the more you keep giving me, the more I stretch the more I can hear you speak to me. O Jesus, who hast said Heaven and Earth shall pass away but my word shell not pass. Lord, I remember when I began praying, and you had me to pray the prayer you taught your disciples and then you had me to read the 23 Psalms I didn’t understand back than why, and hear it now five years late, and what I realize master today that five years ago you were preparing me to become an intercessor, but before I could do that I needed to understand what the model prayer stood for and what psalm 23 represented well here I am now master, meditating day and night on that psalm and the model prayer, because the one thing I do know that they both represent comforting power through and by the Holy Spirit, if we have a need, I ask that the anointing of the words this Psalm and this model prayer continue to bring about blessing to your people like it has done over 2000 years ago. I pray that it will continue to break every yoke in our life, and our minds, and that it will accomplish that what you have sent it to do. Lord, God you are our limitless and abundant supply made manifest, all we need now master is to feel the outpouring of you Spirit in our lives, Lord, Jesus help us to know that the miracle is in side our mouth. You know us from head to toe; you know every stain of hair upon our heads. Lord, you see everything we do stating from our past all the way through our future, and there is nothing that we will ever do that can or will shock you, but we also know that we are guilty of some many things that have been done against your will Jesus and yet you keep on showing us new mercy each new day and I just want to say thank you. Thank you Lord for all you done for us, now Lord, I pray for a miracle over your people this day including myself, I pray that those that need a healing that you would bring it about, in the name of Jesus, those who ae fighting for their marriages, bring about a solution right now in the name of Jesus, those who are starting a relationship, teach them how to love and respect and be mindful of each feeling, Lord, bring about joy, peace, and I’m asking that you every burden, every problem, every situation that you master would take it upon yourself, for your yoke is easy and our burdens can become light. I ask all of this Lord, Jesus in your name Amen.Amen.



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