Prayer for Healing of Cancer and others illnesses

Jehovah-Raphe, our Healer, the great Physician, I bring before you, all the request of each sick person who has contact me for prayer, asking prayer for healing, total and completely. So I come now in the mighty powerful name of Jesus, because it’s through Him that we breathe and having our being. In the name of Jesus, I bind the spirit of cancer, all cancer cells and all cancerous tumors. I come to even bind up that spirit of fear. These are all works of the devil, and have been comprehensively defeated by Jesus over two thousand years ago. They are but trespassers on fertile soil already bought and paid for by Jesus. I come this afternoon to bind up the spirit of diabetes, all types, in the mighty name of Jesus. I come even for those who have suffered heart attacks, high blood pressure and kidney disease and kidney stones. I bind these spirits and bring a renewal and flood of healing. Those suffering from poor eyesight Lord, Jesus they only need a gently touch to their eyes so that they may feel the flow of your God’s life-giving power. Some are suffering from pains not yet diagnosed. But you our Lord are such a great healer. Your promises are true and we believe and trust in your word. I command those spirits of autism, that is trying to take over my grandchildren the devil is a liar and I’m standing on God’s words in infirmity and pain and asking that God would remove it in the name of Jesus, leave now, you have got to go. All difficulty of eating, walking and speaking be now removed, In Jesus name.
I bind the spirit of depression and anger. You have promised to heal the broken-hearted and those broken in spirit and we now rest assured in the comfort of your word for their healing. O Father I’m listing for your voice of the word that says by the stripes of Jesus we are healed. That we are being set free from cancer and all manner of disease, Spirit of cancer be gone you got to go and never return in the name of Jesus. Fear you got to go. Depression you got to go. Diabetes you have got to go. Heart problems you have got to go and never come back never return. All cancer cells and tumors, I curse you out and command you to shrivel up and die. Diseased pancreas be made whole again. Diseased hearts be made whole again. Diseased lungs be made whole again. Diseased organs be made whole once more. I release the spirit of life to heal and restore to complete, perfect health, all those that have been prayed for your bodies are now lining up with the word and the stripes of Jesus. Brain be made whole. All body functions, organs and systems be restored and be like new again, so be it right now in the mighty name of Jesus.,



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