Prayer on Martin Luther King Jr. Day

I thank you, my heavenly Father, for today we pray for all of those who gave their lives in some way, in any way, in the fight for racial justice in this country. We thank you Lord, God for Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. life and the legacy he left behind, we pray for those men and women who stood in the face of what should never have been with their lives and made a difference so that today we can say we are free. We pray that you look upon us and see in our hearts and in our lives a reflection of your work and word. We thank you that we have a long ways to go, but we can see some change, Master God we thank you because no longer to we have to carry hatred in our heart. No longer should we be ashamed to be seen with a white man /white woman, thank you master that we no longer do we have to be stand offish with anyone anymore because of the color of our skin. I pray that you would keep us this day from sin and every evil, that all our doing and life may please you. Spirit of Life, we have come into each other’s presence this day seeking a part of ourselves, knowing that we do not live alone, and knowing we cannot live fully if we are for ourselves alone. We gather in thanks for the life and ministry of Martin Luther King Jr., not because we wish to worship him as a saint, but because we wish to embody his dream as a possibility we make real. We pray to you O God who have given us so many of our dreams, we pray to you for the courage we need to lift our heads from sleep and plant our feet on this earth with conviction and strength and do the work that is ours to do and to speak the words that are ours to speak. We pray for the wisdom and heart to care for each other to care for this our home until we are all taken care of until we are all one people on this one dear earth. And when we grow weary, and when we grow weary, we pray to you our ancestors of strength and courage, of justice and mercy. We pray to you for the memory and the vision of what can be when a people remember who they are, when a people remember that together there is no darkness that is greater than the light. We give thanks this day for our lives and for your memory by living into the most noble of who we are, by remembering your vision, by remembering love. We gather in thanks for the life and ministry of Martin Luther King Jr., not because we wish to worship him as a saint, but because we wish to embody his dream as a possibility we make real. We gather with full knowledge of our shortcomings. Our lives set before us many tasks and often we are not equal to them. We fall short of our own expectations. We find we do not know enough, we are not always patient, we fall into anger, we cannot find the strength, we lack the vision, we wait in vain for wisdom. Lord our God; we can see how oppression and violence are our sad inheritance, one generation to the next. We look for you where the lowly are raised up, where the mighty are brought down. We find you O God there in your servants, and we give you thanks this day for your preacher and witness, Martin Luther King Jr. We thank you that even now we can look back in history and remember what this great man did for us. Fill us with your spirit now Father: where our human community is divided by racism, torn by repression, saddened by fear and ignorance, may we give ourselves to your work of healing, so that as we strive to this day and beyond to carry out Dr. King Legacy of one day we all can come together and it’s no longer a race thing but a love that will be able to pass all of our understanding, I ask master that, that day is coming soon. I ask this in Jesus name Amen.



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