Prayer for men who feel the money they make is not enough

Father your word declares that you will neither leave us nor forsake us according to Hebrews 13:5. I believe this to be true Father in all aspects of life including every man who has a financial need and feel they still are not meeting the needs of their family. I pray Lord God that you would give these men a financial strategy to live debt free and financially owe no man or woman anything, except to love them that’s what it say in Romans 13:8. I pray that you would lead these men to use a plan that is based on kingdom principles and developed for kingdom purposes. Lord I declare today that these mens job is not the source of their finances, you are. I understand that it’s not how much they make, but what they do with the seed they receive from their job that directly affects what they reap. Therefore Lord God, let these men sow to please the Spirit and not the flesh. Let them sow with a joyful heart knowing that their treasure is in heaven with you. I come right now Father on behalf of all men, I come lifting them up before your throne, Father I come with all their dreams and ambitions, I come with all of their hopes master you know this these men better than anybody do, I’m asking you right now master, that you would disarm them right now in the name of Jesus, from the battle that Is going on inside of their mind, I’m asking that you would disarm them of worry because you said you own this big o world, you said we have not because we ask not, you said if we can only be still and let you handle our battles, and stop trying to fix them ourselves. These are your son’s, you said whatever concerns them, concerns you, well master today we bring their worries, their concerns to the throne room, we are asking that you would resurrects a dead situation. I’m asking you now Father by your divine grace and mercy that you would shower down on every man, awaken their finances, any deals that they may be working on at this presence I’m asking you master to release an anointing on it like never before. I’m asking that you allow the four winds to blow upon everything that their hands touch right now in the name of Jesus. From this day forth you will believe that God is going to do exceedlily abundantly above anything you can think of or even imagen. Today you will walk with a fresh wind upon your consistence, today you will walk by faith and not by sight no matter what the situation looks likes because your daddy has the last say. So you go now you righteous man of God go ahead and walk in God’s glory, go ahead and walk into your wealth, go ahead and walk in God’s grace, go ahead walk in God mercy, for it endureth forever, Joy comes in the morning, your break through is on its way, God cannot lie, no matter what the enemy try to bring up in your mind, just say get behind me Satan for I know who my Father is , I know who my redeemer is, I know where my source comes from, now I speak to the man of God that’s on the inside of you, God continue to stir up the gifts on the inside of these men, allow your anointing to flow in these man of God life like never before, so that when they gets ready to speak they will walk into a new season that will blow their mind, Father we just want to thank you for it being as well as it is, we realize that trouble don’t last always, I cover these man of God, with all of who I am and all that I am in you master, I will cover their mind, I will cover their heart, I will pray for every step they take and so we give you all glory in Jesus name Amen.


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