Prayer Holding On

Father, please strengthen those who are tired of holding on Send them a sign that you are there by their side. We all have our days Lord where we feel we can’t survive. Sometimes dreams are shattered. Friendships sometime fall apart. Love one’s may hurt us. Finances may worry us. Sickness may overtake us. We may even lose people we love. But God I just believe you will always be there to guide us through even the toughest of times. Help us master not to lose faith. But to hold onto hope, Trust in you always. We many not understand how everything will work out, but we have to learn to trust you. We many not see a way, but I know you will make a way. Lord, help our faith at this very moment you are touching hearts, opening doors, and lining up the right breaks and right opportunities things may look dark and bleak now, but I have faith that our down is coming in Jesus name. Lord Jesus, I cry out for shortcuts and instant answers. But I thank you for the assurance that great trials are no comparison to the weight of glory you have prepared for all who love you. Master I’m asking you to teach us how to have a servant heart. Teach us how to walk in your ways and not our own. Teach us how to walk in integrity and show love to others the way you have shown us. Lord, May we always live a Christ centered life and acknowledge you in all our ways. I know sometimes the path of righteousness will not be smooth and will not be easy to. I know that we’re not alone, and that you are with us master. Father today we need you just to wrap your arms around us and help us to understand that’s it’s a good thing we don’t understand everything. How can we possibly comprehend your plan of intricacy and detail for the entire world, you are God. You spoke the world into existence. You shaped humans from dust. And only you can create beauty from ashes. Because your lovingkindness is better than life, our lips shall praise you. We will bless you while we live. We will lift up our hands in your name I pray Amen..



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