Prayer God is Worthy

Father, I been praying have the morning, I know that you are worthy, you are worthy of all our praise, and that’s what we come to do this morning this morning, because when we pray, I realize God you hear more than what we are saying, and you answer more than we can ask, you even give us more than we imagine, but it’s in Your own time not ours. Help us now Father to realize that we have to love our self. Treat our self well, and to that we deserve to receive love, help, and goodness, as much as everyone else. Give us the courage today Jesus to ask for and accept help from others. Help us to walk in a manner worthy of you Lord, fully pleasing to Him, bearing fruit in every good work and increasing in the knowledge of God. Colossians1:10, Lord, I come thanking you for creating us. Thanking you for our personality, thanking you for our voice, and Lord I am thanking you for my heart. Lord, some of us struggle from time to time with being thankful for who you created us to be, and for that I say I’m sorry. Please help us to find our worthiness in you. Thank you for today and thank you for your word because with it, we can know your heart for us and our walks with you. You have showed us in through the example of your Son Jesus how you want us to love and serve. Lord, I pray that I and every man and woman of God who claims to know you and love you would begin to walk in a manner worthy of the call you have placed on our lives. A manner worthy of you make us men and women of your word, men and women of compassion, men and women of prayer, men and women of praise, men and women of strength, men and women of integrity and Lord, God make our men the ones who protect their families. You are worthy and I just want to give you all praise. Naked we came from our mother’s womb and naked will we return. We come confessing this day to an almighty God who needs no introduction. I confess to almighty God, we come praying to a God that is all God and yet man, we come praying to a God that is all sufficient. Help us to walk in the light, you are worthy at all times to be praise, O how we praise you today Lord, God from whom all blessings flow. Because you are worthy we found ourselves praising a God of all creatures here below, praising a God above, the heavenly hosts, praising a God who is Father, Son, and Holy Ghost. Oh God, enlighten our mind Father in this day with truth, I pray that you would inflame our heart with love. Lord, I’m asking that you would order in this day what we shall be; I come standing before you this day to emptying myself before that I might be fill with your glory and your power. Father thank you for loving us in Jesus name Amen.



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