Prayer of Connection and Growing

My Heavenly Father We come this day because we want to take time now because we your people want to pray about connecting, growing, serving, and going for you. Master as we pray,this prayer I’m asking for every relationship Lord to be moved forward in life in 2016,in grace and in favor,God you promised it, you said it and I believe you will establish it in our lives. Father, surround your people with people who will give them wise, sound and godly counsel; Father connect your people to those whose counsel will help to speed up their deliverance and testimony, Father, establish in our lives, friendships and relationships that will make us better spiritually, financially, academically, martially and in every other area of our life. Father, connect us to those that will sharpen us; because your word said iron sharpen iron, those that will help us to grow and develop spiritually and connect us O Lord to them. Father, by your divine power and wisdom, set us free from the mixed multitude. Help us not to follow the multitude to do evil. Help us not to be derailed and led astray through wrong association. Father anyone whose mission is to make us fall into sin, or to take us outside your will for our life, help us O Lord so we don’t fall into such a person’s trap. Lord, open our eyes to see every fake friend please Father in our life; every person that pretends to like us but is speaking and spreading evil reports about us behind our back.Lord, totally cut us off from every person giving us wrong counsel. Cut us off from every person who wants to derail and destroy us through evil counsel. Lord Jesus, help us to make you our best and closest friend. Help us to love you above all others. Help us to devote more of our time to our relationship with you. Lord, God show us how to connect, grow, serve and go. O Lord, separate us from every Lot in our life keeping us from receiving the specific word and revelation we need from you that will get us to our promised land; our place of divine fulfillment. Lord, as we learn how to serve you more, connect to you more, go out and preach your word more, let our relationship be so deep and intimate so that every day of our life, we will receive divine counsel and direction from you.
Father, everywhere we go from now, whatever is there that could make our life better, let it not be withheld from us in Jesus name. Father, help us to make the right use of whatever gift, talent, ministry that you have given in your name Jesus. Father, please give us destiny in our voice. Let our destiny not be silent in Jesus name. Father, make our life a significant one as we your people began to connect with those who don’t know you. In everything that we do, let us be a force to be reckoned with in Jesus name. Father, as the New Year has come upon us, please keep us and members of our families from sudden calamities, but you would open the windows of heaven and began to pour out your blessing upon us in Jesus name. Father, I ask that you would blow your wind of 2016 so that the wind would find your people looking to whom they can connect to in your word. Father, as we wait on you for the finishing grace, may that grace bring sweet openings to everything new beginning in this New Year in Jesus name.
Father, I’m asking for the breakthrough of your glory to rest now upon your people that as we go out and connect, grow, serve and go through the by ways and high ways in your name Jesus. Father, every blessing meant for us at the Breakthrough of this day we receive it now in your name position us rightly to receive all you have for us in this year. Father, I thank you for being who you are in our lives. Finally, I pray for everything that you allow my hand to touch in this year from the helping of the homeless, to the mistering to those who don’t know you. I pray that the grace of God will keep me and that your blessings will rest upon our families in Jesus name. We thank you for the divine connections you are making. Thank you for gathering our sisters and brothers from around the World to accomplish your will on earth. I pray that we listen before we speak, and get our ‘marching orders’ from you alone. Let our own plans and designs fall by the wayside like tumbleweed. Confuse the enemy as we pray. Blow them all away Lord. Let your will be done here on Earth, in Jesus Name, through your chosen messengers us thank you Jesus.



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