Prayer walk by faith

Father, thank you for allowing us to cross over into 2016, I know Father that there were some that did not make, it, but they are now resting in your arms, resting from their labor, but master for those of us that you have left here, this is the 1st day of January, our very first prayer of this New Year, we come before your throne with expectancy, Father in heaven search our heart. Show us the areas of our life where we may be hiding some stuff that we may not have all let go off last night at midnight. But I come on behalf of those masters standing and praying and believing by faith that they will chose today to stand in faith and invite you into their homes, their hearts, their minds, their souls. I come in faith mightily on their behalf in your name Jesus that this is the year to walk by faith and not by sight. Father in this year you have called us to trust you even when we can feel you. You have called us to encourage our brothers and our sisters to stand tall and strong and by your might. Heavenly Father, you have called us to courage and we cannot live well in this world without it. Therefore Jesus I come asking you that you would grant us faith and courage and boldness and power with contentment and all endurance. Give us Lord, Jesus the grace to face life courageously and head on. Change our thinking in 2016 and cause us to believe, that we can indeed do all things, through Christ who strengthen us. Because, Jesus throughout all of history God your Father has set aside special people to speak to and work through. Send you Spirit now Lord to fill and anoint people as your Father did with the prophets of old. I realize that even today the Holy Spirit is very active in people to prophesy. Father your people in this year need to walk by faith and many of us don’t know how to do that, but I learned through my trails that F. we have to focus on the positive; A. we got to affirm ourselves. I, we got to imagine you God doing good thigs in our life. T. We than got to find a way to trust you more God. H. We got to know without a doubt that we have hope for our future, that’s what a FAITH walk is all about. So now Father as this day goes on and we may find ourselves stumbling just a little bit because we can’t seem to find where you are God just know that God is getting ready to take you higher in Himself. Believe that He already has it figured out, because that’s what faith is all about. Waiting seasons are often tests to see if we really trust God. But while you waiting for God to show up do something. Keep praying, keep serving, don’t’ stop praising and don’t stop moving, because real faith requires actions, Hallelujah. Walk by faith today. 2 Corinthians 5:7 says. For we walk by faith, not by sight. Amen


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