Prayer of forgiveness

Father I come because I have forgiven and forgiven and I don’t know what else to do any more, I’m tried, I’m weak and Lord, God I need you to come in and fix this, I cannot do it own my own any more Father, I need your comfort, I need your peace, I need my joy, I have given so much of me to everybody and there is no more to give, I know that the word refreshes, and restore. I know what you have for me in this upcoming, year. But Lord I’m being tried and it’s by the same people over and over again, I am human master, and my angry is real, but I come become before the throne on this morning because I need your help because I can’t do it without you, I need you to move right now, God, I need you to cover me with your wings. Lord I have apologized over and over again, but the same results how much more do I keep same I’m sorry, I know Lord that forgiveness is not for them but the one that’s asking, please Jesus, hear my cry. Lord there is no perfect person and I lest of all am perfect, you are the only perfect God please help me to get through this time as you have seen me through times before. Lord, I have confess and confess and so much that I’m blaming myself for all this, for things that they have done on their own, I’m blaming myself for the wrong in their life, and none of it is my fault. I realize now, that it was the choices they made. I know that you have loved me with a steadfast love and that you hate what Satan is done and has done and there will come a day that Satan won’t be a factor anymore in any of our lives. So I thank you now Jesus for your grace and your mercy. I’m thankful for your faithfulness. Lord, God because of my hurt and my resentment now toward those that find themselves still doing all they can to still hurt and discredit me, I find myself holding hate anger bitterness towards those people, I know that this is sinful and I choose right now master to repent and turn from having a destructive behavior. But Lord I need you I need you to teach me your ways, so that I may continue to walk in your truth. I’m asking you to fill me please Jesus with love for my children, my fellow friends, and for you Lord Jesus because you died for me. Heavenly Father, I lift up to you this day, my burdens, my worries, my unforgiveness, I lift up to you all my difficulties and situations in my life. I want to forgive those for lying on me, for causing unnecessary trouble; I forgive them for rejecting me and for hurting me. I forgive them for making feel so alone, so unloved, so guilty, so unworthy, I forgive them for causing me so much pain, and for demanding so much of me and not giving back in return, I am moving forward this day by saying no more Satan won’t steal my joy with this anymore, I am forgiving all that has made me feel bad about myself, for making me second guess myself, I’m asking you now master that you would forgive me for allowing them to do those things to me. I’m asking that you would Father forgive them for doing those things to me as well I not be noble here Jesus, but you show me mercy and grace every day of my life. Forgive me Jesus for holding judgment against them but in your time you will work all things out and make all things brand new, and when you began to make all things brand new I pray now that I will be in a better place to receive your power. I love you God us all of me now to do your will.

Minister AJ


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