prayer of the Day

Father in this day we thank you because of everything that you have allowed us to do just in this day. We thank you for being able to see, to hear, to smell, to taste, Lord God we thank you for our senses. I’m asking you now Jesus that you would allow our hearts to become awake and alive through all we receive so that we await your final revelation and recognize your ultimate will for all people, for all nations and races on earth. Lord we come with lifted up hands, to you in praise and thanking you. We lift up our hands to O Father in trouble hours when our joy is few, you bear us up. We come with lift up hands surrending so that our hearts might be filled with love and compassion. Lord I come asking that you hold our troops in your loving arms, protect them, bless them, and their families. Father here we are in the last four days of 2015 I’m asking that you would help us because we sometimes over analyze the past help us to stop doing that. Father I’m asking that as this New Year gets ready to come in that you would fill us with more wisdom. Hear us in these days, for we know your kingdom is coming. Your kingdom is before our eyes. Your Word, your help, is coming, and in Jesus Christ light will dawn for all the world. Praise and honor to you for all you do. May we see it all before our eyes so that our expectation of the last days of 2015 will be that of a living expectation, full of joy and blessing for what’s to come in 2016. We want to wait in joy, in love, and in longing for the day that is coming to your glory. God you don’t just bless us. You establish us, you make us strong, and that you would mature us into solid and true disciples. Father you do it in a way that only you can do. As this year moves towards its close and another stands at the door, Lord let your people make a renewed commitment to spend time each day in your word. Help us not to give up on the power that’s on the inside that book that we know as the Bible. It’s one of the most powerful tool and great resource for our living to be relegated, rather than it being used as just a conversation piece that’s on the coffee-table. I thank you, O God, for your Spirit that breathed out your message through us. I thank you for those human partners who shared the Spirit’s message with us in Scripture. I thank you for the many translations of the Bible that are available to us today. I thank you for the freedom to have a copy of the Bible in my home. Please help us not squander the incredible blessing of your written word in Jesus’ name I pray Lord thank you for all of your amazing blessings. I thank you for abundance, and thank you for my intellect, lord I thank you for getting me out of some stuff that otherwise I would never have made it. Lord, thank you for our prescription medicine that our bodies needed, please, thank you for allowing it to heal us and bless our health and keep us stress free. If you could put a protective barrier around us please, abundance of health is what we need, not frivolous or material things, in Jesus name, thank you Wonderful counselor I pray Amen.



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