Prayer: Reset for 2016

I thank you now master that even now God you can reset us. I thank you for every mistake that I have made because through those mistake you used every last one of them for your Glory, and so now master as we prepare our hearts for this New Year, I come this Sunday morning, my birthday, thanking for your grace and mercy, and I just believe that greater is coming, there is a shift getting ready to take place, thank you for where you are getting ready to take me to the next level of my life in your word and for your ministry, I need you Father, Jesus you are the one that changes everything, you offers life, hope, and the ultimate reset in our lives. Master you came into this old sinful world to live the life we couldn’t live and died the death we deserved. Jesus we welcome you to come and allow us to come just as we are, no matter what we are dealing with. Come and change us right now in the name of Jesus, It can be in an instant or over the course of our life, but Jesus offers you a fresh start, you offer a reset for us starting now, today. Father God, in the name of Jesus, I come to you in complete trust. I repent of wrong choices I’ve made in relationships. Forgive me for entering into ungodly soul ties; for emotional and sexual sins. Help us choose to forgive each person that has been involved with in any ungodly way. I ask you, Lord, to forgive us from our sin that resulted in an ungodly soul tie. Its reset time master Lord I renounce and break all vows or promises made and ask you to forgive us and release us from them. Lord, I receive your forgiveness and thank you for your forgiveness and cleansing. I choose to forgive myself and no longer be angry at myself, hate myself, or punish myself. Lord, help us break any and all ungodly soul ties that we may have we release ourselves from him/her, that’s now of you and we release him/her from us through the blood of Jesus, Father its reset time and in you resetting us I call back every part of me that was given away, every emotion, will, and thought, that was part of those ungodly bonds and I call this back through the blood of Jesus. I release everything that was taken from me in those ungodly bonds, every emotion, will, and thought through the blood of Jesus so it goes back sanctified. I pray that you would cause him/her to be all that you want him/her to be, and that you would cause me to be all that you want me to be. Lord, please heal and wash my mind from all memories of ungodly union. Make me free to give myself to you and to the one you’ve chosen for me. I renounce and cancel and break the assignments of all evil spirits attempting to maintain these ungodly soul ties by the authority in the in the name of Jesus Christ. I renounce and cancel jealousy, control, confusion, and any co-dependency related to any of those ungodly soul ties. I rebuke and bind any demonic spirits of torment, guilt, shame, witchcraft, control, manipulation, or/and lust. Lord, thank you for restoring thank you for resetting me to wholeness. Let me walk in holiness by your grace. In Jesus name and as you reset our hearts, reset our minds for what you have for us to do in 2016, it’s in your powerful name I pray Amen.
Minister AJ


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