Prayer: Merry Christmas and Happy Birthday Jesus

Master I come this morning thinking you for another nights sleep, thank you that my bed did not become my cooling board, nor my sheet was my winding sheet, I come by the altar this morning to thank you for my health, my family, my friends, I come by remembering that’s its Christmas morning but your birthday. Father I come this morning thanking you for being that partridge in the pear tree, we realize it was you Jesus, we also realize father, that the turtle doves were the old and New Testament, Lord, I understand that the French hens were faith, hope, and love. But as I sat here and think even more about this song on this morning, I’m reminder about the calling birds, because they were the four gospels. Matthew, Mark Luke and John. Father God how we thank you on this your birthday master for the five golden rings because they were called the torah, actually the five book of the law. Yes Jesus we come on this morning looking back on those six geese which stood for the six days of creation master, the swans were for the sevenfold gifts of the Holy Spirit, and they were Jesus, prophesy, serving, teaching, exhortation, contribution, leadership, and Mercy O Lawdy, Lord God I feel so good right now because as I look back over everything you done for us, we just can’t thank you for all you have done for us. The eight maids, were the eight beatitudes, and the nine ladies, they were the fruit of the Holy Spirit, and if could I just for a little while this morning see if I can remember what they were, I believe it Love, patience, peace, joy, goodness, kindness, gentleness, and faithfulness, along with self-control Hallelujah. The ten lords were the Ten Commandments. The pipers stood for the faithful eleven disciples. But it was the drummers that caught our attention because they stood for the Apostle Creed. So on this day Jesus say Happy Birthday, Jesus. Because today is your special day, you were born today, just for us. We thank you that you came from heaven to earth just for us. Thank you for all you did for us when you were here with us. You taught us how to love each other, help us to remember to be more loving to one another, and master as we move now into 2016 that what I want to do more of, put aside all malice, and unforgivensess, I want to do better master and just remember the reason for this season. You taught us how to do the right thing, remind us that you are with us, even when we think no one is looking. We thank you that you didn’t just stay a baby in a manger but you grew up to be our Savior and died on the cross for our sins. We thank you that you didn’t stay dead but you got up early one morning, you came alive and went to heaven, opening a way so we can go there too, someday. Thank you for this food and for all our family and friends. Thank you for everyone who comes together today to remember your birth, that you are the gift that never changes, thank you for our parents who love us so much In Jesus’ name, so we come by your throne this morning saying Happy Birthday and thank for all you have done for us Amen.



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