Prayer: On Christmas Eve

Father this morning as I awaken, I awaken to a heavy heart, a heart of confusion, and doubt Heavenly Father, as I bring to the hurts, the fears, even disappointments, worries about families, and even health issues. The struggles, the cruelties, and the tribulations of this life sometimes seem so unfair. You have promised not to leave us; this is a day where many fathers and mothers were not able to get anything for their children to go under the tree. Lord; do not turn your face away.Sometimes we fail to see that this life is but a journey to our real home and this life is but a brief trip on the way to you. But on this Christmas Eve morning, some are down trodden, Lord, you tell us to hold on because you will never leave your children to walk alone, nor to carry these burdens by ourselves but sometimes we cannot hear your voice and we stand in misery. Lord there are time when I even become overwhelmed and I get weak and sometimes the way grows fearsome for this world is filled with evil, hiding at every corner, ready to steal my joy in you and even my soul. Help me to keep my faith through these trials and doubts of life, stay close to me, and help me to remember this life is but a moment compared to your promised eternity. I know O God that deep inside, I know these are lessons to test the faith I confess to have. I ask now Father that you would provide me with your strength, because master right now I don’t have any show me so that I can keep moving forward to you. I just want to thank you, Heavenly Father, for giving your Son to die for me. And thank you, Lord Jesus for giving your merciful directions to your Father’s kingdom. I ask all this through the name of Jesus, Most Loving Father, thank you for this day and for all it represents. Thank you for the hope you bestow, the peace you bring, the love you pour out, and the joy you give. O God I praise you most of all for Jesus, your Word made flesh. May he light my way as the holy star lit the way for the wise men. Today let us prepare to welcome your son the bright and morning star, He was a child born in a manger, a son that was sent to redeem the world, He is our savior that came over 2000 years ago. He came that all things would be made brand new, has we prepare this Christmas Eve may his light shine in us and on us. I pray the light of the Christmas star be with you all and in the New Year to come it’s in my father’s name I pray Amen.



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