Prayer: Thank you Father that we are worth saving

Father thank you that you thought that we were worth saving, you thought enough of us that you sent your son. Father thank you because you thought enough of us to let your son died for us, so in this day master as much as we talk about let your people now become about, become about prayer, because you thought we were worth saving. Father at this hour of the morning I come thanking you for another day. I come thanking you that you allow us even through the hurts that other cause you show us that you are a God of healing, thank you master. When people humiliate us Father you said you would magnify us, even when people judge us Lord, God you said you would justify us, but you even tell us that it doesn’t even matter who hate us, you God said you will love us. Father I know there are those out there that have been praying and crying out to you but in this season I’m asking dear Lord, that they don’t give up, that they don’t let time make them doubt what you God have already told them would happen, help them to hold on just a little while longer master, because everything is going to be alright. Lord, somebody praying this prayer might be wonder does it take all that, and I would have to say yes that and then some. I pray because you have been good to me, I pray because nobody could heal my body you could, I pray because when my heart was broken nobody mend me back but you Jesus, I pray because I just can’t help myself. I pray because there is a need on the inside of me that won’t let me stop praying. I pray and sometimes while I’m sleeping my spirit is praying, I realize master that prayer don’t change you for you change not, but it’s changes me, it moves me from glory to glory, Hallelujah. Father I have had too many regrets in my life time, and praying won’t be one them, I’m going to pray in season and out of season, Father I pray because it keeps me from mumbling, crying, shouting, getting mad for unnecessary reason, and if by chance I’ve already gotten mad and it’s been blown out of portion, I just go sat down close my eyes and just begin to say Jesus, Jesus, I may not can say anything else at that moment and I learned that’s okay too, and if all I can say is Jesus, that’s good enough for me. Lord, I’ve learned that I don’t always need to have words, but look down this morning on your people master, touch their hearts because when they don’t have the words too say just let them call on you Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, Jesus.. It’s the sweetest name I know. Father I’m going to pray for your people until the day you close my eyes, ain’t no harm in praying. God I coming asking that you would fill marriages with memories to treasure, fill marriages with a whole lot of faith and trust, God fill those couple that their cups in their lives would just overflow. Father you word says, truly I say to you, as you did it to one of the least of these my brothers, you did it to me, Matthew 25:40 Lord, God that’s how everyone in a marriage should feel, treat everyone the way they want to be treated. I’m praying now for the sick hear my prayer my Father, I am asking you to heal those of our community for all of their needs, I praying for the mental and physical suffering I pray that they will find healing in your presence. I’m asking that master you would show mercy as you close wounds, cure illness, make the broken bodies whole once again, unchain downcast spirits, Father I’m asking that your people would find lasting health and deliverance, I thank you right now Jesus, for your healing power. Father I come now praying for our children grown and those children who are grown now have their own children, Father I pray that they will experience you and your love from this moment on and they those children who are grown will teach their children to fall in love with you too, Glory be to God, this is my prayer in Jesus name Amen.



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