Prayer Come on and Fix it Jesus

My circumstances do not make me what I am they reveal who I have chosen to be so, Lord God there is somebody today that needs you for their finances, somebody who needs you for their healing, somebody who needs you for their marriage, somebody who just got into a brand new relationship they need you master . somebody need you because they have a job but not able to work and because of that Father won’t have a paycheck to meet their needs on next week, but master I come to you this day, because you are the God of all possibilities. You know what we all need, and the amazing thing Father you already have it under control and yet we say we believe, yet we say we trust and when the first sign of heat come upon us we want to run and hide, but this day Satan I serve notice on you, take your hand off of God’s people and their finances, take your hands of their marriages, take your hand off their relationships, take your hand off their healing, take your hands off their children and grandchildren, because this God I know holds this whole world in His hand. This God that I know can fix anything; nothing is too hard for Him, Father, I come asking that you would align our thoughts with yours today. In this upcoming year Jesus those who we need to disconnect from show us how to disconnect master, I look up into the face of you Father I am asking that we receive confirmation and love that we are longing for. Lord as we breathe in your Holy Spirit today, allow Him to guide and approve each thought that seeks entrance into our mind and our soul. Thank you for fixing it Jesus, thank for fixing what is broken in our lives. Thank you for fixing marriages where there was no hope but you step in right on time and fixed, thank you for empowering all the men and women of God in 2015, thank you for all their hard work. Thank you for disciplining their minds and keeping them focus. God somebody has been asking all year that you would fix their situation and they been trusting and hoping but you said delay don’t mean denied, fix it father, in fact master I declare and decree right now in the name of Jesus that whatever they been hoping and praying for they will have it before 2015 leaves out. Fix it master, somebody need a healing Lord, Jesus, I come into your presence now, and I ask you to surround those that are needing healing, I come under your authority and your claim upon there life. I give every illness that might be going on in their bodies right now and I call fourth healing in the name of Jesus. Lord, somebody is walking around with a broken hearts; I give their heart to you, in every way including the broken places in them too master. I declare your authority over their broken hearts, for you made their hearts and you are the only that can redeemed their hearts. Come on fix Father as only you can in the mighty and power name of Jesus Amen.



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