Prayer I’ve been through too much to not worship Him

Father, at this late evening of the day, I want to say thank you. I thank that as I read your word more and more, the more I want to read, the more I want to pray the more I want to teach and encourage. Father I come asking that you would allow us to pray in such away, that our prayers are full of praise, full of adoration, full of exaltation. Father I come in this late hour of the evening asking that we would speak with humility and brokenness. Lord, save your church from confusion by the deception. We so often masters grieve your name but Lord it’s being done in dishonored. We grieve your name when we blaspheme. We grieve you when true worship is perverted. May we be those true worshipers that you seek, who worship you in spirit and in truth. Father, we pray that you will do your work in a great way in all our hearts and draw us to you in a righteous way. Lord we been through too much not to worship you master. May we pray the way you instructed us to pray, and know the joy of praying like that and the blessing, and we know that when we ask like that, you hear and you answer. O God when have been through too much not to worship you, you have blocked thing that you have taken us out, but you said no. I thank you Jesus. When we answer in your will, we receive what we ask. That’s the promise, whatever we ask in your name, that’s your promise to us master, Father we just want to glorify you by doing your will, that’s what we want to do Father be glorified in the Son. Because you have already done so much for us, may we know that the only path to answered prayer is to pray in your name, for your kingdom, for your will that you may be glorified, there is nothing that we will go through that God does not have the ability to bring us out of through our worship. I praise you God because I realize that what the enemy may believe for evil you God make it turn out for our good. I’ve been through too much in 2015 to not to worship you master. Dear Lord, there have been times when we may have felt alone and abandoned. But we thank you this evening for reminding us that you are a God. you want never ever allow us to be beyond your sight or your reach. Help us now Father to face trials with a courage that is firmly rooted in your strength and power so others might be drawn to you and know your grace in Jesus’ name, amen.



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